Zelotypia: Excessive Zeal Towards Cannabis

Cannabis or marijuana has become the most illicit drug in United States today with approximately 24 million people using it for recreational and therapeutic purposes. Despite the restrictions in many states and countries, there are still many people who find ways to get hold of the drug and use it; even in the amidst the threat of getting penalized or imprisoned for illegally using it. In fact, nearly all of them says that they are actually enjoying Cannabis and the thrill brought by discreetly acquiring it. Cannabis users claimed that it is less dangerous and harmless compared to the use of alcohol or cigarettes.

Regardless of whether there are really medicinal benefits in the use of Cannabis or none, pro-Cannabis still continue to use the plant and believes to feel relief from their illnesses or even stopped experiencing the symptoms of their illnesses. Others call the excessive zeal of Cannabis users as toxicity or dependency.

Nonetheless, it may have brought positive effect towards Cannabis since this overzealous attitude of pro-Cannabis user toward the plant somehow created a placebo effect and may have encourages other people to use and try the effect of the plant on their system.