How Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Violence?

When you say drugs, you automatically think of crimes. Well, it is quite normal to link drug use to crimes. When people are under the influence of drugs, they can do terrible things – including committing crimes. It is expected because drugs affect some parts of your body, compelling you to do awful things. This is the main reason why it’s against the law to use abuse drugs in any form. The rate of drugs users’ has drastically increased every year causing the federal government to be alarmed. However, things changed when some states are legalizing marijuana.

How would legalizing drugs reduce crime?

Smoking of marijuana is prohibited and anyone caught can be subject to a lawsuit or worst, may face a felony case.  Fortunately, more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana. Surprisingly, the public see this positively and more and more people are using marijuana given that they are in the 29 states wherein the use of Cannabis is legal. Due to this, the use of other drugs has significantly reduced. The consumption of marijuana increased after it has been legalized and as a result, there has been a decrease use of other drugs and specifically reduced binge drinking.

Colorado was one of the first states in America that legalizes recreational marijuana. It has been six years since then and Colorado crime rates after legalization has plummeted with 56% drop from 2012 to 2017. The number of marijuana-related crimes also are only a portion and will not significantly affect the overall crime rate of the state. Colorado also benefitted from the legalization of Cannabis in terms of Cannabis sales and tax revenues. The first 10 months of the last year’s Cannabis sales total had rose up to $1.28 billion. Aside from that, Cannabis legalization also affect positively the state’s tourism and employment rate.

Cannabis was also legalized for recreational use in Washington around 2012 but only became available to the public around 2014. During this time, murder rate in the state was surging up. However, Washington crime rate since legalization of Cannabis, specifically in the year 2016, has fallen down. Many pro-Cannabis groups took it as a positive sign towards the plant.

This drug use decrease means less crime and violence. There is a direct linkage between marijuana and reduce violence. If not for easy access to marijuana due to its legalization, more people are still using other addictive drugs. Furthermore, marijuana users may feel “high” but it’s a kind of high that offers a state of relaxation and euphoria. This kind of feeling reduces the risk of marijuana users to engage in any violent activities. This is how would crime rate drop after legalization of drugs, specifically Cannabis.