Treating Addiction

Ways to Treat Cannabis Addiction

People who used cannabis has drastically increase since it has been legalized in some states. Some cannabis users are claiming that it is not harmful to their health. This might be true but cannabis can be addictive too. Not physically addictive as the same way with other drugs but the psychological addiction can be so powerful. Did you know that due to society pressure, the use of cannabis can be one of the hardest substances to give up? Worst of all, people who are addicted to it will not feel that they are actually addicted to it already.

Signs of Cannabis Addiction

Apparently, there are signs on how to possibly know that an individual is addicted to cannabis such as craving for it almost all the time, feeling uncomfortable when not high, and mostly, they only hang out with people who also use cannabis. Below are the signs that you are addicted to Cannabis:

  1. You get high for more than 2 hours every day on a regular basis
  2. You become more risk-taker while being high
  3. You crave for Cannabis regularly and you don’t like it if you are not high
  4. You only hang out with Cannabis users
  5. You keep on increasing your doses
  6. You can’t properly perform with your day to day activities

When it becomes harmful to an individual, it is important to find ways to treat cannabis addiction before it can get worse.

Ways to Cope Up with Cannabis Addiction

Like any other drug dependence, treating Cannabis addiction can be expensive. So as much as possible you would like to try the natural ways first before considering getting the help from professionals. Here are the natural ways for cope up with Cannabis addiction:

  1. Detoxing
  2. Acupuncture
  3. Yoga/Meditation
  4. Hydration
  5. Exercise
  6. Family bonding

Cannabis addiction treatment can include treatment with Psychotherapy. This therapy will tackle the psychological aspect of a person’s addiction. The therapy may last for up to 12 weeks. It will help a person understand the addiction and is the best way to stop your cravings and relapses. The entire purpose of this therapy is to help people maintain abstinence and live healthy lifestyle. The most common type of therapy includes:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Contingency Management

It is also recommended to find a support group who can give free advice on how a drug free life can make your life easier. When you decided to seek treatment for your cannabis addiction, get all the help you can get and the most important thing is to remind yourself that you can do it.