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What is a Cannabis tolerance?

There are several reasons why people consume cannabis. When you start smoking cannabis, you make a habit of it. Like any other activities, the more you do it, you become addicted to it because you will want to feel the same sensation you felt the first time. Unfortunately, you don’t get the high like you used to. You start to wonder why. It’s a sad reality for cannabis user but this phase is when you developed a cannabis tolerance.

What is it all about?

If you think that you can’t enjoy cannabis like you used to before, relax. It is a normal phase that you have to go through. Don’t worry because developing tolerance is normal – it’s an act you develop for anything if you take enough of it. Well, it can be worse for some people – some can’t even take basic medication because they have high tolerance for that certain drug. By definition, tolerance means the act of enduring something. First time user tolerance is normally shorter and easily reach a breaking point.

Let’s take for example a person who drinks a lot. An alcohol drinker may get drunk only after consuming a lot of alcohol whereas a person that doesn’t drink may get drunk after a glass or two. This is because an alcohol drinker developed a high tolerance for alcohol. The same thing applies with cannabis. The more you smoke cannabis; you will develop high cannabis tolerance. When it comes to cannabis tolerance, every person’s tolerance varies greatly. This mainly depends on certain factors such as body mass index, sex, frequency of consumption and how strong the product is.

However, there are people who have naturally higher tolerance for cannabis. They don’t frequently smoke cannabis but require more to get the feeling of being high. There may be an explanation of it such as when you are taking other medicines or higher level of inflammation in your body can cause your body to build a higher tolerance for cannabis. Some people don’t get high during their first cannabis smoking can be cause by this or they have been inhaling properly or their body requires activating CB1 receptors in their brain first to process the foreign substance.

What is tolerance break length?

So, you’ve been smoking for quite some time now and you want to take a break. This is what you call a tolerance break length or a period of time when you completely abstain from smoking cannabis. Some people are also taking a tolerance break so they can decrease their tolerance level. It’s like resetting your body naturally so it will not recognize cannabis. Taking a tolerance break will help you make the whole experience better for you.

The moment you get back to smoking cannabis, it will seem like it’s your first time to smoke cannabis. How often should you take a tolerance break? The best suggestion is to take 2 day tolerance break up to 1 month tolerance break. This will give your body a chance to flush out excess cannabinoids. When you smoke again, it will feel like the first time or even more – you’ll get the optimum high feeling for only a minimal smoking of cannabis.
Getting high is great but when you smoke cannabis often, it becomes hard to reach the maximum level of high. If this happens to you, it may be the perfect time to take a tolerance break.

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