How Marijuana Increase Testosterone Level

Testosterone is a hormone found both in men and women. However, they are much higher levels in men. Its production increases during puberty and starts to lower down after 30. Testosterone is responsible for several bodily functions in men – most especially for having high libidos or increase sex drives. The higher your testosterone level, the more active you are. Due to this, some men are looking for ways to boost their testosterone level. Fortunately, the use of marijuana is linked to having increase testosterone levels.

Contrary to what some studies that claimed the use of marijuana is directly linked to the decrease of testicular size; it is believed that men who had ever smoked marijuana had significantly higher testosterone levels. Aside, studies conducted before that shows men using Cannabis has resulted to a significant decrease of their testosterone level were also found out that the participants had history with substance abuse.

Moreover, Cannabinoids and testosterone studies were conducted by a group of medical experts in 2014 have shown that low levels of medical marijuana use will benefit sperm production and testosterone level in men; because of the positive effects it brought to Endocannabinoid system, the body system that plays a very important role in cell and hormone production.

So, does CBD lower testosterone in male? The answer to this question really depends on the person’s Cannabis consumption rate. Pots effect on testosterone is positive if the person uses Cannabis moderately. Compared to men who had never smoked marijuana, men who smoke marijuana at least once in their life actually has higher sperm concentration. However, the amount of marijuana intake should not be as frequent as you would want it to be. Or else, the component THC will intoxicate you and may harm your health. A boost on men’s sperm cell production and higher testosterone level can be associated with the use of a little bit of marijuana occasionally.

This goes to show that whatever thing that you consume in excess is always bad for your health. Well, if you are not in a hurry to have any kids, then you might not need to worry about consuming more marijuana. However, it is recommended that you give yourself some time off when using marijuana – just to be sure that your testicle size will not shrink, lower down your testosterone levels or worse, affect your sperm count. Use marijuana moderately and enjoy it without risking your health, or your future generation. The way you consume Cannabis also determines the amount of effect it causes you. Eating edible Cannabis or using its CBD oil is a better and healthier option compared to actually smoking it. The high effect caused by Cannabis happens slower when eating edibles than the latter.