Stroke And Head Trauma

Cannabis Treatment for Stroke And Head Trauma

Did you hit your head hard on something? You might be worried that it can cause damage to your brain. A person’s brain is protected with its skull but it doesn’t mean that your brain is invisible to damages. Too much impact on your head can cause brain damage. Commonly known as head trauma, the leading causes of it include:

  • Motor vehicle related injuries
  • Assaults
  • Falls

When a head trauma happens, there may be bleeding in the brain that can irritate the brain’s tissue. This bleeding also decreases the blood flow to the brain because there is a blood leakage due to the torn blood vessel. Your brain may experience swelling, putting too much pressure on it. This brain bruises may take time to heal.

When you have head trauma, does this mean you can experience stroke? Stroke and head trauma has always been associated with each other. Head trauma can increase your chance of getting a stroke. There are two types of strokes associated with head trauma. These are:

  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Ischemic stroke

Experiencing these strokes is due to your brain’s excessive bleeding and clotting problems. This is because after a head trauma, your body has increase chance of forming blood clots. The changes in blood clotting after a head trauma are irregular and unpredictable increasing your chance of having either hemorrhagic stroke or ischemic stroke.

Mild head trauma usually no longer need medications aside proper rest and a few pain relievers. However, if you have traumatic brain injury caused by stroke and you experience persistent headache that worsens after some time, then you need to be checked by your doctor thoroughly.

Treating TBI includes prescription medications and even surgery. However, a new medication has becoming popular today which involves CBD treatment for TBI. So, does CBD oil help with concussions caused by head trauma? There is still no direct evidence to prove this claim. However, people living in parts of United States where Cannabis growing is legal uses CBD oil for anoxic brain injury.

Many prefer to use medical marijuana in treating TBI since Cannabis is way cheaper compared to other treatments used for stroke and head trauma. You just need to have your backyard cleaned or a space enough for your Cannabis to grow and a good Cannabis growing equipment. Beginners in Cannabis growing can check out the internet for guides on how to plant medical marijuana properly or you can contact us for a FREE assistance on how to grow your own Cannabis. We can also help you select great Cannabis processing equipment to make your own CBD oil.