Marijuana grow room installation in Michigan. Residential customer with a tent in a spare room, growing 5 weed plants under LED & LCD lighting setup

Grow your own Cannabis

Cannabis Garden Installation Professionals

Legally installing recreational marijuana garden for residential consumers. We are a full service company. Installation of a small indoor or outdoor garden is just the beginning, we offer training, and ongoing support to ensure your first harvest is successful.

Growing you own weed can be a confusing venture for anyone. There are thousands of blogs, videos, grow journals online that can help guide you in the right direction. Many of the online tutorials offer contradicting information. The fact is, there are hundreds of different ways to farm, train, and harvest cannabis.

We have boiled everything down to an easy to follow step by step tutorial.

Through decades of experience, we have perfected the art of growing cannabis. We have learned from many failures, and many more successes. Our vast knowledge is now available to you.

Give us a call, (517) 657-4038, or schedule your innitial phone consultation today. Our experts will answer any questions you may have, and schedule an appointment to come to your home and install your new hobby.

Full service residential cannabis cultivation company. Growing cannabis in your home has never been so easy or cheap.

Installation Services include:

  • Indoor & Outdoor Marijuana Gardens
  • Greenhouse Installation
  • Legal Recreational Marijuana in Michigan

Close up picture of white widow under LED & LCD lighting. Recreational Marijuana in the state of michigan grown legally in a residential home

Cannabis Grow Tent Installation in a residential home. LED & LCD Double light setup in a 4\' x 4\'. Legal Recreational Marijuana in Michigan.

Marijuana grow room installation in Michigan. Residential customer with a tent in a spare room, growing 5 weed plants under LED & LCD lighting setup

Unpredictable cost retail products

The cost of weed is extremely unpredictable. Especially retail recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensaries. The high regulatory status, and bureaucratic hoops that many cultivators, and retails store front must go through, cause the cost of this plant to go through the roof.

Many states that allow recreational dispensaries have experienced supply shortages, and massive increases in the price of the finished products.

Michigan is already experiencing this problem for medical marijuana. The medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan are charging $10-$20 per gram of weed. With our help, you can grow your own for less than $1 per gram!

You can farm top tier weed for a fraction of the price. 

Growing your own is the only way to combat price fluctuations in the legal recreational market.

Potential Income & Savings

Recreational Legal Cannabis growing in the state of Michigan in a residential home. Installed by Cannabis Installation Profesionals

Let me explain why cultivating your own weed could be worth thousands of dollars.

This example is growing 5-6 plants in a 4\’ x 4\’ tent.

1 ounce of high quality cannabis costs on average $250 in Michigan.

1 small (4\’ x 4\’)  tent will produce about 15-20 ounces every 3-4 months (Street value = $3,750-$5,000)

Cost of electricity, water, and any other expenses is $50/month.

So you are netting about $3,500 – $4,800 worth of dried flower every 3-4 months.

That is $10,000 – $15,000 per year, worth of high quality buds.

If you want to max out your legal limit with 12 plants. You can expect to harvest about 30-40 ounces of dried bud every 3-4 months. This equates to a street value of roughly $7,000 – $10,000. That equals $20,000-$30,000 every year.
We can recommend selling you cannabis, for legal reasons, but if you did, you would earn your investment back in the first grow cycle. The second cycle would be pure profits.

Cost of Installation:

Basic Installation Services: Set up and installation includes everything needed for your first grow.

4\’ x 4\’ Tent ( 4-9 plants) = $2,899

   4\’ x 8\’  Tent ( 6-12 plants) = $3,799


  • Everything you need to grow high quality cannabis
    • Organic Nutrients, Soil, fans, grow tent, carbon filter Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, etc
  • ​Training & education. We will teach you everything you need to know for a successful harvest.
  • Ongoing Support for all of your growing needs. We are here to answer any questions that come up along the way.
  • Guaranteed success or we will give you  your money back. If you are fully satisfied after your first grow cycle, we will come remove everything and issue you a full refund.

Add ons and extras: Cost will vary based on individual needs.

  • Extra Lights 
  • Adding CO2
  • Extra Tent
  • Automated Watering System
  • Outdoor Grow Garden
  • Greenhouse

After the first cycle, all future costs are very low. Besides electricity and water, you can reuse everything, including soil, pots, and you can even clone the original plants. For beginners, we recommend replacing the soil for every grow. Seasoned growers can rejuvenate soil and reuse it for every grow.

​Most of our customers will simply add the old soil to their vegetable garden and purchase new soil from a local store.

Flowering cannabis plant, early to mid flowering, close up picture showing dense trichomes and white hairs sticking out all over. Grow room set up by Cannabis Installation Professionals of Michigan. Legal recreational marijuana grow tent in home.

Close up of cannabis after trimming and ready to smoke. Recreational Marijuana in Michigan. Legally grown in a home weed garden by Cannabis Installation Professionals

Senior Citizen and Disabled Resident Discounts

Cannabis should be available to everyone. We give back to the community by offering special discounts to those in need of the medical benefits of this wonderful bud.

We off er an extra 30% discount for any disabled persona and senior citizens.

Give us a call today, (517) 657-4038, or schedule a phone appointment by clicking here.

Refer a Friend Cash Back Bonus

Refer a friend or relative and we will give you and your friend $200 cash. Your friend will receive a discount, and we will send you a check to thank you for your referral. Simply let us know that you were referred by a friend to claim your discount.

Give us a call today, (517) 657-4038 or schedule an appointment and we will call you.

Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

We are confident you will love growing your own cannabis. If you aren\’t 100% satisfied, we will come and remove everything, and give you a full refund. No questions asked. We are confident you will fall in love with growing your own flower.

Serving all of Michigan:

    • Detroit
    • Metro Detroit
    • Lansing
    • Grand Rapids
    • Holland
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    • Flint
    • Ann Arbor
    • East Lansing
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We are cannabis installation professionals for residential customers. Installing legal marijuana grow rooms in the great state of Michigan.

As of 2019 residents in Michigan can legally grow 12 pot plants per household.

Recreational Michigan Marijuana services.