Sensual Enhancement

Tips on How to Use Cannabis as Sensual Enhancement

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy life at its fullest? There are a lot of ways to make you feel alive and happy. One of the best ways to do it is with your partner. Your partner can make you feel complete and let you feel sensations you’ve never felt before. When you’re feeling sexy and physically attracted to your partner, one thing will lead to another. However, there will be times when one of you will not feel the same way. What’s the best remedy? Use cannabis to heighten your senses.

Cannabis is known to intensify your senses – the music sounds better, food tastes more delicious and a simple touch can feel more sensual. Due to this, more couples are using cannabis to enhance their sexual experience. Yes, cannabis can reignite special time together. However, if it is your first time to use cannabis, you might have some doubts about how do it the right way. Here are top tips on how to use cannabis as sensual enhancer:

1. Pick the right Cannabis strain

Don’t match your partner’s cannabis experience. Every person reacts differently to cannabinoids. Experiment different strains and different doses. Do what you feel is best for you to enhance your sensual senses. Aside from that, it is important for you to get acquainted with the Cannabis strain of your choice before your BIG night. Being comfortable with your strain and doses will relax your senses thus making your night more memorable and enjoyable.

2. Start with small doses

When it comes to Cannabis, the phrase “Less is more” is always effective. You don’t want to get so high that you end up passing out or causing an accident, right? Just take the dose that is enough to boost your confidence and heightened your sexual desire. Enhance the moment; do not be too high by taking so much cannabis. You might end up getting more stoned than what you planned.

3. Take extra precautions with edible Cannabis

Of course, it is your BIG night so you wouldn’t want your partner getting discouraged with Cannabis-flavored breath, so you would opt for edible Cannabis. There is nothing wrong with edible Cannabis, however, be very careful with it as there is no proper means of knowing the THC content in edibles. It also takes longer time before the effect kicks in. If you can’t resist taking edibles, then just take a small dose and see how your body react to it before adding more dose.

4. Don’t forget the lubes

You might think that Cannabis causes dryness only on your mouth. Little did you know that Cannabis also causes dryness on the other areas of the body including that one down there. Make sure to have lubes in handy so that you wont end getting distracted and lose appetite in the end.
Proper use of cannabis can create a healthy and pleasurable relationship. Spice things up, use cannabis as sensual enhancers.