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Benefits of Using Cannabis Replacement of Medication

The public is always having a debate on the effects of Cannabis. Yes, it is great help especially to those patients who are having an illness that can be cured or somehow healed through the use of cannabis. But what are the effects of cannabis when it comes to the psychomotor skills of the users especially in driving? Is it like an alcohol that is always a cause of accident on the road? Or cannabis users are more careful in driving since their system is more heightened and sensitive because of cannabis?

One of the reasons why some states are hesitant to legalized the use of medical marijuana in their area is because of the incidents is possibly cause. We all know that Cannabis, when abused or taken in high dosages, can impair a lot of our senses. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of Cannabis, is the one responsible for the “high” or the psychoactive effects it gives to the users. When taken, THC may cause the elation, anxiety, nausea, hallucination, panic attack, and other. When taking THC or other synthetic versions of this component such as Marinol, it is important not to operate or drive any vehicle especially when you are still high.

Mixing Cannabis with alcohol is more dangerous. Both are psychoactive substances so if ever they will be taken at the same time, its psychoactive effects will be more enhanced. In case you are looking for a real booze, make sure to steer away from driving too.

Another component of Cannabis that is getting increasingly popular is CBD. It features the same therapeutic components as THC, however, it has zero psychoactive effects. Another good thing about CBD is that it works in concert with THC. It alleviates the psychoactive effects of THC and at the same, boosts its therapeutic effects; making THC more effective in treating illnesses. The popularity CBD for pain relief, and it’s anti-inflammatory properties is well known.

A study was once conducted to test the CTT (Computerized Transmission Tomography) and DAT of cannabis users. The study found out that actual driving ability do show that psychomotor skills are mildly impaired at high dosage of cannabis especially when it is taken by inexperience users. However, those seasoned users who are more familiar with the effects of cannabis generally shows less impairment and in fact, in some cases, expert says that seasoned users under the influenced of cannabis have increased psychomotor skills. All other studies indicate that the cannabis have minimal effects on the psychomotor skills of the users compared to the effects of alcohol or some other medications.

Psychomotor skills are definitely not affected by the use of cannabis. It does not trigger any road accidents. In fact, cannabis users are more sensitive, to the point that that they are very careful in driving. So, road accidents are not purely cause by cannabis – some are because of negligence and carelessness.