How to Reduce the Psychoactive Effects of Cannabis

Being an active or seasoned user of cannabis gives you the idea that you can take any side effects that it might give you. Until one day, you are just staring at the mirror and asking yourself on how to lessen your anxiousness, dizziness and being paranoid. Too much consumption of cannabis can still give you great side effects that you might not be able to handle. So better take note of the following ways on how to reduce the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

1. Switch to Cannabidiol (CBD) products

While both THC and CBD contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, THC is the only component that can cause the psychoactive effects. If the side effects of Cannabis are getting intense and dangerous, then you might like to switch from THC to CBD. CBD can influence the effect of cannabis specifically THC in your system. It will modulate the way the THC interacts with your brain. Thus, it will help calm your anxieties and bring you to back to the level ground before indigestion of cannabis.

2. Make use of black peppercorn

Another compound that can interact well with THC is the black peppercorn. In fact, it is the classic remedy of many Cannabis user when it comes to dealing marijuana’s undesirable effects. The black peppercorn is known be rich in terpenes – an aromatic compound that can interact with THC in your body. Therefore, this product will surely influence the type of high you feel in after taking the cannabis. It is one of the best home remedies to reduce the effects of cannabis.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Cotton mouth or dry mouth is one of the many typical effects of Cannabis smoking. Hydration is always the key especially if you consumed too much cannabis in your system. The water will always flush out everything leaving you alleviate the too-high feeling. Always keep a glass or bottle of water nearby in case you’ll get episodes of cotton mouth.

4. Rest and relax

Sleeping and remaining calm is also one way to reduce the effect of cannabis. It will help you relax your mind and body. Resting is also a safe way to handle psychoactive effects of Cannabis, you get to sleep your anxiety away and at the same time, you keep your self away from incidents.

5. Exercise

One of the best ways to manage the psychoactive effects of Cannabis is to sweat them all out. Running or doing activities will help relieve stress brought by consuming Cannabis. Aside from that it also distracts you from other desirable effects of Cannabis such as paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

Though you can choose any of the above suggestion, but the best way to tell yourself if you are having discomfort after taking the cannabis is that – “all of this will eventually pass”.