Paranoia Attacks

Steps to Stop Paranoia Attack Caused by Cannabis

With more and more states legalizing the use of Cannabis, more and more attention is also paid on it. Many researches have shown the medicinal effects of Cannabis, however we also cannot deny the fact that, if abused, it can also harm your health. And one of its negative effects is paranoia attacks.

While many have used Cannabis to treat anxiety and depression, it can also cause you paranoia especially if you suddenly withdraw from Cannabis use after having developed dependency on it. By definition, paranoia is a mental condition wherein a person experiences delusion of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance. A person with paranoia excessively thinks that someone is trying to harm him or her, or people are out to get him or her.

It is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component in Cannabis which is responsible for giving you the “high”; which as a result causes you hallucinations, altered senses and time, mood swings, and delusions. The more you feel high, the more delusional you get which brings out paranoia attacks.

How to Stop a Panic Attack Caused by Cannabis

You may find is a bit hard to actually fight panic attack while being high, because, of course, you are in your bubble world and you can’t fully control yourself. If you realize that your paranoia attack is about kick in, then the steps below will be able to help you:

#1 Practice deep breathing

The worst thing about paranoia attack is that it feels so real. Your heartbeat doubles and anxiety level increases. Always take note of your surroundings. Then try to remind yourself with the “now” by taking deep breaths. Stepping outside for fresher air will also help you manage your episodes.

#2 Move around

Your paranoia attack is caused by the toxicity of Cannabis. So, you would like to remove the toxicity in order to break free from your episodes. The easier way to do this is to sweat them all out by keeping yourself busy and moving around. You might like to clean the basement, do some gardening, whatever you want. Just make sure you wont drive or operate any vehicle while in the middle of your paranoia attack.

#3 Listen to music that can make you happy

Even when in the middle of your paranoia attack, your senses are still working and in full alert. Keep a selection of music that will make you happy or could bring back your happy memories. Then play it when you think episode is about to start. The music will help you get out of your delusion and eventually makes you feel better.

#4 Microdose your Cannabis

Cannabis belongs to a biphasic drug. Meaning, Cannabis taken in low dosage has different effect to those taken in higher doses. If you noticed that your paranoia attack is getting more frequent, then microdose with your Cannabis. Take a low dose and lengthen the gap between each dose to manage your episodes.

#5 Switch your Cannabinoids

THC is known to have caused psychoactive effects on the user. If you are using your Cannabis for medicinal purposes, then you might like switch to CBD instead. Both Cannabis components offers the same medicinal purposes, however, CBD has zero psychoactive effects. With CBD, you can be guaranteed that you will get the treatment that you desire without giving you paranoia attack.