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How to Minimize the Smoking Hazards of Cannabis

Cannabis is known to have medicinal properties and was even widely used by ancient people in treating certain illnesses. In fact, the CBD oil, an extract from Cannabis plant, is known to have a great amount of medicinal properties; minus the toxicity. However, Cannabis is not considered an illicit drug for no reasons. While Cannabis contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, it also has a component that causes you toxicity or the feeling of getting high. And when used in excess, you will develop dependence on it which may leads to many health hazards.

What are the effects of getting high in Cannabis?

If you have smoked Cannabis before, then you must be familiar with the weird yet wonderful sensation that you get after smoking the weed. Some likes the feeling of getting high as it makes them feel relaxed and problem-free. However, Cannabis also gives you the following effects of getting high:

  1. Increased heart rate
  2. Cotton or dry mouth
  3. Weed dick among men
  4. Dependence
  5. Slow perception
  6. Sleepiness

Long term side effects of Marijuanas includes:

  1. Hallucinations
  2. Paranoia
  3. Schizophrenia
  4. Decline in intellectual and verbal ability

How to cut down marijuanas effects?

If you are using marijuana for medical purposes more than recreational, then you can’t totally stop smoking it can you? Instead you can choose to cut down your Cannabis consumption to minimize the smoking hazards it causes. So how are you going to do that? Check out below.

#1 Put less Cannabis on your joint or pipe

You can still smoke Cannabis and enjoy the benefits it gives you, but do it in minimal amount. This way, you will not get high or get toxic right away. Aside from, you will be able to save more Cannabis since you are only using a small amount per joint.

#2 Increase the gap between smokes

Avoid smoking weed back to back. Teach yourself to leave gaps in between your smoke. Then lengthen this gap over time.

#3 Do not mix tobacco with Cannabis

Cannabis smoking is dangerous enough. But mixing with another equally dangerous product will only increase its hazards.

#4 Avoid caffeine when smoking Cannabis

Coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages, and sodas will counter the medicinal effects of Cannabis and maximize your chances of getting stoned.

#5 Exercise regularly

Exercise will make you sweat, which means it is a great way to remove the toxins brought by Cannabis in your body. The more you sweat after smoking Cannabis, the less toxic you will be.

#6 The lesser you cut, the better

About 75% of individuals who smoke or use Cannabis in any way experienced withdrawal symptoms; and the symptoms are worse to women and to those who drinks alcohol. Be careful as the withdrawal symptoms from Cannabis smoking can be very intense. So if you want to minimize the smoking hazards caused by Cannabis, cut down less amounts each day.

Tolerance – Grow Your Own Cannabis

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What is a Cannabis tolerance?

There are several reasons why people consume cannabis. When you start smoking cannabis, you make a habit of it. Like any other activities, the more you do it, you become addicted to it because you will want to feel the same sensation you felt the first time. Unfortunately, you don’t get the high like you used to. You start to wonder why. It’s a sad reality for cannabis user but this phase is when you developed a cannabis tolerance.

What is it all about?

If you think that you can’t enjoy cannabis like you used to before, relax. It is a normal phase that you have to go through. Don’t worry because developing tolerance is normal – it’s an act you develop for anything if you take enough of it. Well, it can be worse for some people – some can’t even take basic medication because they have high tolerance for that certain drug. By definition, tolerance means the act of enduring something. First time user tolerance is normally shorter and easily reach a breaking point.

Let’s take for example a person who drinks a lot. An alcohol drinker may get drunk only after consuming a lot of alcohol whereas a person that doesn’t drink may get drunk after a glass or two. This is because an alcohol drinker developed a high tolerance for alcohol. The same thing applies with cannabis. The more you smoke cannabis; you will develop high cannabis tolerance. When it comes to cannabis tolerance, every person’s tolerance varies greatly. This mainly depends on certain factors such as body mass index, sex, frequency of consumption and how strong the product is.

However, there are people who have naturally higher tolerance for cannabis. They don’t frequently smoke cannabis but require more to get the feeling of being high. There may be an explanation of it such as when you are taking other medicines or higher level of inflammation in your body can cause your body to build a higher tolerance for cannabis. Some people don’t get high during their first cannabis smoking can be cause by this or they have been inhaling properly or their body requires activating CB1 receptors in their brain first to process the foreign substance.

What is tolerance break length?

So, you’ve been smoking for quite some time now and you want to take a break. This is what you call a tolerance break length or a period of time when you completely abstain from smoking cannabis. Some people are also taking a tolerance break so they can decrease their tolerance level. It’s like resetting your body naturally so it will not recognize cannabis. Taking a tolerance break will help you make the whole experience better for you.

The moment you get back to smoking cannabis, it will seem like it’s your first time to smoke cannabis. How often should you take a tolerance break? The best suggestion is to take 2 day tolerance break up to 1 month tolerance break. This will give your body a chance to flush out excess cannabinoids. When you smoke again, it will feel like the first time or even more – you’ll get the optimum high feeling for only a minimal smoking of cannabis.
Getting high is great but when you smoke cannabis often, it becomes hard to reach the maximum level of high. If this happens to you, it may be the perfect time to take a tolerance break.

Grow your own Cannabis

We are experts at growing cannabis. If you are interested in learning to grow legal recreational marijuana, click here.

We professionally install residential marijuana gardens, legally.

Sensual Enhancement

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Tips on How to Use Cannabis as Sensual Enhancement

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy life at its fullest? There are a lot of ways to make you feel alive and happy. One of the best ways to do it is with your partner. Your partner can make you feel complete and let you feel sensations you’ve never felt before. When you’re feeling sexy and physically attracted to your partner, one thing will lead to another. However, there will be times when one of you will not feel the same way. What’s the best remedy? Use cannabis to heighten your senses.

Cannabis is known to intensify your senses – the music sounds better, food tastes more delicious and a simple touch can feel more sensual. Due to this, more couples are using cannabis to enhance their sexual experience. Yes, cannabis can reignite special time together. However, if it is your first time to use cannabis, you might have some doubts about how do it the right way. Here are top tips on how to use cannabis as sensual enhancer:

1. Pick the right Cannabis strain

Don’t match your partner’s cannabis experience. Every person reacts differently to cannabinoids. Experiment different strains and different doses. Do what you feel is best for you to enhance your sensual senses. Aside from that, it is important for you to get acquainted with the Cannabis strain of your choice before your BIG night. Being comfortable with your strain and doses will relax your senses thus making your night more memorable and enjoyable.

2. Start with small doses

When it comes to Cannabis, the phrase “Less is more” is always effective. You don’t want to get so high that you end up passing out or causing an accident, right? Just take the dose that is enough to boost your confidence and heightened your sexual desire. Enhance the moment; do not be too high by taking so much cannabis. You might end up getting more stoned than what you planned.

3. Take extra precautions with edible Cannabis

Of course, it is your BIG night so you wouldn’t want your partner getting discouraged with Cannabis-flavored breath, so you would opt for edible Cannabis. There is nothing wrong with edible Cannabis, however, be very careful with it as there is no proper means of knowing the THC content in edibles. It also takes longer time before the effect kicks in. If you can’t resist taking edibles, then just take a small dose and see how your body react to it before adding more dose.

4. Don’t forget the lubes

You might think that Cannabis causes dryness only on your mouth. Little did you know that Cannabis also causes dryness on the other areas of the body including that one down there. Make sure to have lubes in handy so that you wont end getting distracted and lose appetite in the end.
Proper use of cannabis can create a healthy and pleasurable relationship. Spice things up, use cannabis as sensual enhancers.

Cannabis Grow Tent Installation in a residential home. LED & LCD Double light setup in a 4' x 4'. Legal Recreational Marijuana in Michigan.

Grow Room Installation Pricing

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Cannabis Grow Room Installation – Price Structure

Basic Installation Services: Set up and installation includes everything needed for your first grow.

  •   4\’ x 4\’ Tent ( 4-6 plants) = $2,899
    • Cultivating 14-16 ounces of dried cannabis every 4-5 months.
    • This equates to roughly $3,500 worth of cannabis in your first grow, and then the same amount in every grow after. (14 oz at $250/oz)
  • 4\’ x 8\’  Tent ( 6-12 plants) = $4,599
    • Cultivating 30-35 ounces of dried cannabis every 4-5 months.
    • Equaling $7,500 worth of cannabis in every grow cycle (30 oz at $250)


  • All equipment needed to grow high quality cannabis
    • Organic Nutrients, Soil, fans, grow tent, carbon filter Reverse Osmosis Water Filter, etc
  • ​Training & education. We will teach you everything you need to know for a successful harvest.
  • Ongoing Support for all of your growing needs. We are here to answer any questions that come up along the way.
  • Guaranteed success or we will give you  your money back. If you are fully satisfied after your first grow cycle, we will come remove everything and issue you a full refund.

Add ons and extras: Cost will vary based on individual needs.

  • Extra Lights
  • Adding CO2
  • Extra Tent(s)
  • Automated Watering System
  • Outdoor Grow Garden
  • Greenhouse

Give us a call for a free consultation, (517) 657-4038. Or Schedule a phone call online by clicking here.

Financial benefits of growing your own cannabis:

  • You will save thousands of dollars every month by cultivating your own marijuana, below is a basic example showing how much you will save.
    • 12 plants will produce 3 lbs – 4 lbs of dried cannabis in roughly 3-4 months. 
    • This is equal to 48-64 ounces. 
    • The average price of an ounce of weed at a dispensary in Michigan is roughly $250. 
    • Based on these numbers, you can produce $12,000 – $16,000 worth of cannabis in your first grow cycle.
    • Which will not only pay for our service, but it will leave you with a nice chunk of change. Then every grow after that will be pure profits
  • This means, Your new garden will essentially pay for itself after your first round of plants.

Cannabis Grow Tent Installation in a residential home. LED & LCD Double light setup in a 4\' x 4\'. Legal Recreational Marijuana in Michigan.

Marijuana grow room installation in Michigan. Residential customer with a tent in a spare room, growing 5 weed plants under LED & LCD lighting setup

Close up picture of white widow under LED & LCD lighting. Recreational Marijuana in the state of michigan grown legally in a residential home

8 small cannabis plants growing in pots. Legal recreational marijuana in Michigan. New Cannabis Garden Installation

Recreational Legal Cannabis growing in the state of Michigan in a residential home. Installed by Cannabis Installation Profesionals

Close up of cannabis after trimming and ready to smoke. Recreational Marijuana in Michigan. Legally grown in a home weed garden by Cannabis Installation Professionals

Flowering cannabis plant, early to mid flowering, close up picture showing dense trichomes and white hairs sticking out all over. Grow room set up by Cannabis Installation Professionals of Michigan. Legal recreational marijuana grow tent in home.


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How Does Legalizing Marijuana Reduce Violence?

When you say drugs, you automatically think of crimes. Well, it is quite normal to link drug use to crimes. When people are under the influence of drugs, they can do terrible things – including committing crimes. It is expected because drugs affect some parts of your body, compelling you to do awful things. This is the main reason why it’s against the law to use abuse drugs in any form. The rate of drugs users’ has drastically increased every year causing the federal government to be alarmed. However, things changed when some states are legalizing marijuana.

How would legalizing drugs reduce crime?

Smoking of marijuana is prohibited and anyone caught can be subject to a lawsuit or worst, may face a felony case.  Fortunately, more and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana. Surprisingly, the public see this positively and more and more people are using marijuana given that they are in the 29 states wherein the use of Cannabis is legal. Due to this, the use of other drugs has significantly reduced. The consumption of marijuana increased after it has been legalized and as a result, there has been a decrease use of other drugs and specifically reduced binge drinking.

Colorado was one of the first states in America that legalizes recreational marijuana. It has been six years since then and Colorado crime rates after legalization has plummeted with 56% drop from 2012 to 2017. The number of marijuana-related crimes also are only a portion and will not significantly affect the overall crime rate of the state. Colorado also benefitted from the legalization of Cannabis in terms of Cannabis sales and tax revenues. The first 10 months of the last year’s Cannabis sales total had rose up to $1.28 billion. Aside from that, Cannabis legalization also affect positively the state’s tourism and employment rate.

Cannabis was also legalized for recreational use in Washington around 2012 but only became available to the public around 2014. During this time, murder rate in the state was surging up. However, Washington crime rate since legalization of Cannabis, specifically in the year 2016, has fallen down. Many pro-Cannabis groups took it as a positive sign towards the plant.

This drug use decrease means less crime and violence. There is a direct linkage between marijuana and reduce violence. If not for easy access to marijuana due to its legalization, more people are still using other addictive drugs. Furthermore, marijuana users may feel “high” but it’s a kind of high that offers a state of relaxation and euphoria. This kind of feeling reduces the risk of marijuana users to engage in any violent activities. This is how would crime rate drop after legalization of drugs, specifically Cannabis.

Cancer – CBD

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Everything You Need To Know About Cancer

When you say cancer, one thing that comes to your mind – it is deadly. Well, most cancer diseases are especially when not treated at an early stage. So, how does cancer begins? Cells are the basic unit of a human body. They grow and divide to make new cells. Cells that are damaged or too old, they die and new cells will replace them. However, there are instances when these cells start to grow uncontrollably. These cells may form a mass which is then called a tumor. This tumor can either be cancerous or benign.

When a tumor is cancerous, it will grow and spread to other parts of the body. However, some types of cancers do not form a tumor. These cancers include leukemia’s, lymphomas and myelomas.

Causes and Symptoms of Cancer

The potential causes of cancers may be because of a person’s genetic or it can be triggered due to environmental and lifestyle factors. Everyone has risk factors for cancer especially those that are exposed to cancer causing substances. The higher the amount of cancer causing materials you are exposed to, the higher your chance you will develop cancer.

The signs and symptoms of cancer vary from one another. Depending on the type of cancer you have, you may experience different symptoms. For example, if you have a breast cancer, you may feel a lump in your breast or a nipple discharge. Also, some cancer patients are not aware that they have cancer because unfortunately, cancer doesn’t show any signs or symptoms until the cancer is far advance.

This is the main reason why it is important to get a regular checkup especially if you feel that something is off with your body. The earlier you detect cancer, the better it is for you as you can take treatment to minimize cancer from spreading.

Treatment for Cancer

There are many treatments used today in treating cancer. If the cancer is still in its early stage, the patient can opt for surgery that might be followed by radiation or chemotherapy and other oral medications. Unfortunately, there is really no guarantee that the cancer cells will be totally removed from the body.

Those who are afraid to under surgery, or cannot afford the expensive chemotherapy treatment, seek refuge to hemp oil cancer treatment. This type of treatment uses Cannabidiol to kill the cancer cells in their body. Some patients who are undergoing hospital treatment are also taking CBD oil during chemotherapy. There is no guarantee that this type of treatment is effective, however, many CBD oil cancer testimonials found only that shows positive result.

With this, the price of CBD oil in the black market have rose drastically; which leads many people living in areas where Cannabis growing is already legal opt to plan their own Cannabis. Medical Marijuana is easy to grow especially if you have the right Cannabis growing equipment.

Hands Holding Cannabis Plant. Picture taken during a

Franchise Medical Recreational Marijuana

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Cannabis Franchise Opportunity

Hands Holding Cannabis Plant. Picture taken during a Are you looking for a profitable business in the marijuana industry? Well you came to the right place!

“The gold rush is a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” – Mark Twain. We are here to teach you how to sell the picks and shovels of this new so called Green Rush.

Home grown cannabis is the new trend that is sweeping the nation. Many weed smokers are finding the retail dispensaries to be out of there budget. The middle class American can’t afford to smoke the bud found at the legal dispensaries. This leads many people to either the black market or growing their own. Our focus is on the latter of the two.

Residential home grown costs on average roughly 1/10th of the retail price. Saving regular consumers thousands of dollars every month. Our overall goal is to make cannabis affordable to everyone. We are doing this by teaching people to cultivate legal weed in the comfort of their home.

The marijuana industry is growing dramatically, those who are getting in early stand to make millions. There are many ways to make money in this industry. Growing, manufacturing, processing, and retail stores are just a few different avenues one may take when entering the industry.

If you are interested in starting your own cannabis based business schedule a phone consultation, or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

We also have partnered with Fundwise to offer startup funding for our franchise partners. There is more information at the bottom of this article regarding startup loans.

Start Your own Cannabis Business

Picture of Cannabis leaves in an indoor grow garden. Learn how to start your own marijuana based business. Franchise opportunity available.

  • “No Touch” Cannabis Business – Our model doesn’t touch the actual cannabis plant. This is further explained below.
  • No Licenses required – Our business does not require you to apply for expensive state ran licensing programs. Since you are not touching the plant, you will not have to deal with the headache of these regulatory agencies.
  • Booming Industry – Cannabis industry is estimated at 17 Billion dollars in 2019, and expected to grow to 57 Billion by 2027 according to Forbes.
  • Profitable Long Lasting Business Model
  • Beneficial to End Consumers – We save our customers thousands of dollars by teaching them to cultivate their own marijuana.
  • DOES NOT rely on the value of the plant. Our business model does not rely on the cost of the plant. As many companies in the industry have learned, the value of the retail price of marijuana can drastically make or break the business.
  • Long Term Residual Income Potential – Once you have a network of homegrown cannabis enthusiasts, there are limitless opportunities to expand your business.

Our Business Model

We help people learn to grow their own medical grade cannabis and helping them become more financially independent at the same time.

In doing so, we are creating a network of homegrown cannabis enthusiasts.

Our focus is on helping our customers grow legal marijuana in the comfort of their own homes.

First, we install recreational and medical marijuana grow rooms in the house of our customers. Then, we provide training, education and continued support for our customers as they grow their own cannabis. We make growing your own cannabis easy for everyone.

We have perfected the art of the home grow, and are now sharing it with anyone that wants to learn. Our simple step by step process for cultivating top shelf flower makes growing weed easy for everyone.

As the cannabis industry grows, we believe there will be a huge influx in home micro growing. We see a huge opportunity to capitalize on this change in the market place. For a regular user, growing your own weed will save you thousands of dollars a month compared to buying it from a retail store. Growing at home is the next DIY craze in the weed scene.

Many states allow their residents to legally grow a limited number of plant in the comfort of their own home. For example, Michigan allows each Medical Marijuana patient to grow 12 plants at a time, while the Recreational Marijuana laws allow every “household” to grow 12 plants.

The legality of Cannabis is constantly changing, laws are becoming favorable for the home grower. Our business model will greatly benefit as more people can legally grow their own weed. Huge opportunities come with every state that legalizes medical or recreational cannabis.

What is included?

We will handle everything you need, and provide a turn-key proven system that anyone can operate, even if you have zero experience in the cannabis industry.
Our team will handle everything.

  • Marketing and Leads We handle all marketing efforts to ensure you are successful. Our proven strategies will attract local customers. You will receive a customized website, and phone number to attract new business in your area.
  • Education and Training Material for your employees and customers. We train you and your team how to install the grow operations, and we teach your customers how to cultivate and harvest weed.
  • Ongoing Support to help you grow your business.

How much does this franchise cost?

Pricing is based on location.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Evaluating Risk of Cannabis Based Businesses

When evaluating any business, there are a myriad of risk factors. Some risk factors are greater than others. When it comes to the cannabis industry, the greatest risk factor involves the value of the finished products. Whether that be dried buds, or any form of concentrates. To stay profitable, these businesses rely on the selling price to pay for the high overhead cost involved in growing in mass quantity.

The problem is the selling price fluctuates based on the overall supply and demand. This can flip the books extremely quickly and turn a potentially huge profit into a loss simply because the consumers are buying as much as projected.

Our business model doesn’t rely on the sale of the plant. In fact, we aren’t touching the plant at all. We are simply providing the means for consumers to grow their own. In essence, we are “selling shovels in a gold rush”.
It is impossible for any one company to control the price of cannabis in today’s market. There are many factors that affect the selling price of cannabis on a retail level. Between the political restrictions for the business, to the self induced growth and quality problems. The list is seemingly endless.

The other risk factor involved in growing in large facilities is the potential loss of crop. The loss of one crop can be a huge loss of revenue. When you only get 3-4 cycles per year, each cycle is a large portion of revenue. Many facilities are doing a variety of things to limit these risk factors but they are still something that needs to be considering when moving into the industry.

The other benefit to our model, is we don’t have to apply for any state ran licensing programs, or pay ridiculous fees in order to sell cannabis. We aren’t selling cannabis which lowers the risk and increases potential profits.

If you are interested to learn more, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, or  schedule a free consultation.

Long Term Residual Income Potential

After the initial installation for the customers. There is an endless amount of potential income that can be derived from this business model.

The opportunities come in the form of selling accessory items. Growing and consuming cannabis requires the use of any number of different products depending on the individuals preferences. Plus, as this industry matures and changes, there will always be new and exciting products and gadgets that will come on the market. This makes endless opportunities for selling new products to a customer that you have already built a relationship with. That last part is key, once you have established rapport with your customer, the chances of them coming back to you for advice on new products significantly increases.

We will always keep our partners in the loop on everything that is coming around the corner. We will be constantly surveying the industry, and looking for those new opportunities. This means, you don’t have to and you will still reap the benefits. Our love for cannabis will keep you on the forefront the industry making it easy to capitalize on this rapidly growing market.

Sell some shovels with us and fill out the contact form below. Or schedule a free consultation by clicking here.

“Touch” vs “No Touch” – Marijuana Industry    

This concept is fairly simple. Does the company come into contact with the plant? This includes the majority of the industry. The following are examples of companies that touch the plant: Growers, extraction facilities, transportation businesses, dispensaries, etc.

“No Touch” companies include the businesses that sell accessories to the consumers and businesses such as manufacturers that make smoking supplies and accessories. Our business model does not touch the plant.

This goes back to the old saying, sell shovels in a gold rush. This advice is telling us to focus on companies that do not touch the plant over business that touch the plant.

The main benefit of not having to touch the plant. Is that we don’t have to deal with all the regulations surrounding the plants legal status. Every state is different, and many recreational & medical marijuana laws require large amounts of capital and up front costs in order to touch the plant at all. We have figured out a way to capitalize on this vastly growing market while minimizing risk and up front cost.

​If you are interested in learn more, fill out our contact form below.

Cannabis Startup Capital

If you are looking for startup capital for any business, we have partnered with Fundwise to offer startup capital. The team at fundwise will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding finding loans and capital to start your own business.

Click here for more information.

Franchise Info Contact Form

Legal States for Homegrown Cannabis

Below is a list of states that you can legally cultivate your own marijuana as a residential customer. Some of these states allow all residents of a certain age to grow at home, while other states only allow medical marijuana patients to grow their own. Either way, at of January 2020, there are 30 state on this list, which shows how far we have come to liberating this plant. The home growing market is primed for massive growth. The rest of the country will soon follow in the homegrown trend.

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia

Customer Reviews

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Check out what our customers have to say about us!

Give us a call today, (517) 657-4038, or schedule a free consultation to see if growing weed is right for you!

Please leave us a review to let us know how we did!

Garden Installation Services of Michigan

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Grow Room Installation Experts

Schedule your consultation today.

  • Call us at (517) 657-4038
  • Book your appointment online by clicking here.
  • or fill out the contact form to the right

We are cannabis installation professionals for residential customers. Installing legal marijuana grow rooms in the great state of Michigan.

As of 2019 residents in Michigan can legally grow 12 pot plants per household.

Recreational Michigan Marijuana services.

Addiction – CBD

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Cannabis and Addiction

So you have heard of the medical uses of Cannabis to different illnesses. And now you are planning to try it on your ailment. Before you decide to jump on the first Cannabiss sold to you, get to know first what Cannabis really is, why was it banned in some states of America, and how you could benefit from it.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is derived from either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, which are all a form of Indian hemp plants. Marijuana is the term frequently use to refer Cannabis. Other term includes hash, grass, pot, weed, reefer, dope, herb, mull, buddha, ganja, joint, stick, buckets, cones, skunk, hydro, yarndi, and hooch. Cannabis belongs to the depressant drugs which means it slows down your central nervous system and the transfer of messaging from your body to your brain.

Active ingredient of Cannabis are as follows:

#1 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

This is the major psychoactive component that makes up to 30% of Cannabis and the one that causes you the “high”. THC doesn’t really occur in its active form and is only a part of the THCA (THC acid). However, THCA will be converted into THC when burned or heated.

#2 Cannabidiol (CBD)

CBD is another popular component of Cannabis which is mainly found in hemp. CBD have almost zero psychoactive effects and works as the opposite of THC.

#3 Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol or CBN is actually the byproduct of THC after it is heated or exposed to oxygen. CBN contains a sedating effect, though not as strong as in THC.

#4 Terpenoids

Terpenoids is another component which is responsible for the unique aroma and flavor found in Cannabis.

Is Cannabis addictive?

Based on the active ingredients found in Cannabis, the answer is YES. But, still the addictiveness level of the plant depends on how you use it. Heating or burning Cannabis will naturally convert Tetrahydrocannabino acid (THCA) into THC which causes the “high” or the toxicity. THC activates the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), THC affects the brain in such a way that it makes the person elated, ecstatic, and even numbness from pain.

High level of THC may cause addiction, impaired motor skills, and can even trigger symptoms of Schizophrenia and paranoia. However, studies have indicated that while THC gives you the “high”, it may be also responsible for the therapeutic effects of Cannabis.

On the other hand, CBD is the total opposite of THC in terms of toxicity. It doesn’t cause addiction and doesn’t react to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. However, it has one very important function; it works in concert with THC which means it boosts the therapeutic effects of THC while controlling its psychoactive effects. Not only in THC, CBD can also lessen the addictive effects of other drugs such as opioids and even alcohol.