Psychomotor Skills – CBD

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How Cannabis Affects the Psychomotor Skills

The public is always having a debate on the effects of Cannabis. Yes, it is great help especially to those patients who are having an illness that can be cured or somehow healed through the use of cannabis. But what are the effects of cannabis when it comes to the psychomotor skills of the users especially in driving? Is it like an alcohol that is always a cause of accident on the road? Or cannabis users are more careful in driving since their system is more heightened and sensitive because of cannabis?

One of the reasons why some states are hesitant to legalized the use of medical marijuana in their area is because of the incidents is possibly cause. We all know that Cannabis, when abused or taken in high dosages, can impair a lot of our senses. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of Cannabis, is the one responsible for the “high” or the psychoactive effects it gives to the users. When taken, THC may cause the elation, anxiety, nausea, hallucination, panic attack, and other. When taking THC or other synthetic versions of this component such as Marinol, it is important not to operate or drive any vehicle especially when you are still high.

Mixing Cannabis with alcohol is more dangerous. Both are psychoactive substances so if ever they will be taken at the same time, its psychoactive effects will be more enhanced. In case you are looking for a real booze, make sure to steer away from driving too.

Another component of Cannabis that is getting increasingly popular is CBD. It features the same therapeutic components as THC, however, it has zero psychoactive effects. Another good thing about CBD is that it works in concert with THC. It alleviates the psychoactive effects of THC and at the same, boosts its therapeutic effects; making THC more effective in treating illnesses.

A study was once conducted to test the CTT (Computerized Transmission Tomography) and DAT of cannabis users. The study found out that actual driving ability do show that psychomotor skills are mildly impaired at high dosage of cannabis especially when it is taken by inexperience users. However, those seasoned users who are more familiar with the effects of cannabis generally shows less impairment and in fact, in some cases, expert says that seasoned users under the influenced of cannabis have increased psychomotor skills. All other studies indicate that the cannabis have minimal effects on the psychomotor skills of the users compared to the effects of alcohol or some other medications.

Psychomotor skills are definitely not affected by the use of cannabis. It does not trigger any road accidents. In fact, cannabis users are more sensitive, to the point that that they are very careful in driving. So, road accidents are not purely cause by cannabis – some are because of negligence and carelessness.

Intestinal Cramps

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Effective Ways to Lessen Intestinal Cramps

Large intestines and small intestines are very important in the digestive process. These two intestines need to work hand in hand for a smooth flow of digestive process. However, there are some cases where a problem in this area will occur. And if this problem occurs, one of the common symptoms that you will feel is intestinal cramps – a cramp that can’t be neglected and intolerable.

Causes of Intestinal Cramps

Common causes of intestinal cramps include food poisoning, indigestion, gas, digestive tract infection, lactose intolerance, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and Crohn’s Disease. Symptoms depend on the cause of the condition. But an individual will feel mild to severe pain in the abdominal area.

How To Treat Intestinal Cramps

Eat lesser meals at more recurrent intervals rather than eating three big meals in a day. You can have five small recurring meals. Just make sure that these meals is equivalent to your three big meals and not more than. In lowering the amount of greasy or fried food intakes, you can also help lessen intestinal cramps. Always remember that oily foods such as margarine, butter, cream sauce and pork product may trigger diarrhea if fat absorption is deficient. More so, you can also reduce milk intake or milk products consumption especially if you are lactose intolerant.

The inability to digest lactose may lead to cramping abdominal pain, gas pain, diarrhea and bloating. So better stay away from these foods. And lastly, to lessen abdominal cramps, you must curb your intake of certain high-fiber foods like nuts, seeds, corn, popcorn and a certain variety of Chinese vegetables. You might not believe it, but high-fiber foods aggravate contractions once they come into the large intestine. And since they are not totally digested in the small intestine due to their composition, these foods may frequently cause diarrhea.

Another natural remedy of intestinal cramps that has become increasingly popular today is the use of Cannabis also known as the medical marijuana. Cannabis has been widely used, even in the ancient times, to alleviate nausea and to relieve pain. Research says that the Cannabinoids in Cannabis reacts positively with the Endocannabinoid receptors found in the digestive and gastrointestinal tract in the body; in such a way that it slows down gastrointestinal motility.

While there is still no solid evidence to prove that Cannabis is indeed an effective natural remedy for intestinal cramps, it wouldn’t hurt to rely on this wonder plant right? Just make sure that you only take a minimum dose which is enough to alleviate the symptoms of your illness. You might also like to have CBD oil at bay to reduce the toxicity caused by THC acid present in Cannabis.

Premenstrual Syndrome

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5 Reasons Cannabis Help With PMS

Feeling all cranky, tired, and bloated before your RED day? Well, you have Premenstrual Syndrome. PMS or Premenstrual Syndrome is a very common condition experienced by 75% of the women population in the world. The syndrome may start as early as two weeks before your menstruation. But, hey, you no longer need to worry for this troublesome time of the month as Cannabis and CBD oil help with PMS efficiently.

What is Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome is monthly condition experienced by women during the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle or the two weeks before their menstruation starts. When a woman is nearing her menstruation, her level of estrogen and progesterone increases which affects her physical, emotional, and mental health. During the onset of PMS, women experience different physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that can be very inconvenient and gets more painful as the period gets nearer.

There are about 150 symptoms     connected to PMS; the most typical symptoms are as follows:

  1. Cramps and low back pain
  2. Bloating
  3. Headaches
  4. Mood swings
  5. Swelling/tenderness of the breast
  6. Constipation/diarrhoea
  7. Low sex drive
  8. Feeling tired or fatigue
  9. Food cravings

Cannabis and CBD oi for Menstrual Cycle

Cannabis is one of the oldest and most effective plants in treating many health conditions. In fact, it is one of the most primitive form of medicines that our ancestors used. Fortunately, with the legalization of Cannabis in many states in the US, we can now continue what our ancestors had left with Cannabis as a medicinal plant.

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System which is composed of many receptors in the central and peripheral nervous system. The main function of Endocannabinoid system if to regulate all the systems in our body in order to create equilibrium. And this is where Cannabis enters the picture. Cannabis contains a huge number of cannabinoids which can reactivates the receptors in Endocannabinoid System. Once the receptors are activated, the system will then track down the informalities in our body and maximize the body’s immune defenses to treat illness and regain the body’s equilibrium.

So how does Cannabis help with PMS?

#1 Cannabis can soothe breast pain and tenderness

Tenderness and soreness of the breast is one of the many symptoms that women typically experience when nearing their menstrual period. During the 11th century, women creates a concoction and ointment from Cannabis leaves to alleviate the soreness of their breast.

#2 Cannabis can minimize headache

Headache is one of the most troublesome symptoms of PMS. Cannabis edibles are popular treatment for headaches and migraines in some countries. A study shown that 85% of 121 participants with migraines reportedly had fewer attack after using Cannabis.

#3 Cannabis can help you sleep

One of the after effect of using Cannabis is sleepiness. If you use Cannabis during your luteal phase, you will be able to get more sleep. And more sleep means lesser fatigue and mood swings attacks.

#4 Cannabis can reduce cramps

A research conducted by Dr. William B. O’Shaughnessy in the 19th century showed the effectiveness of Cannabis use in managing menstrual cramps. In fact, there are certain reports with the use of Cannabis in treating chronic pain.

#5 Cannabis can treat digestive disorder

Diarrhea can occur anytime during the luteal phase until a couple of days during menstruation. This condition is caused by the imbalance in hormones during the menstrual phase. Many researches have shown positive response with to the use of Cannabis in treating gastrointestinal disorder and Crohn’s Disease which means it can also become an effective means to treat diarrhea.

Upper Respiratory Illness

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How to Prevent Upper Respiratory Illness when Using Cannabis?

The most common form of administration of cannabis is through inhalation. The cannabis contains many compounds similar to tobacco. Thus, heating and combustion of these chemicals may result in short- and long-term respiratory effects. Actually, the problem here is not Cannabis, but it’s the way people uses it. And this is one of the main concerns of cannabis users, how they can prevent upper respiratory illness while using cannabis especially if they are just using the cannabis to treat certain illness they are experiencing. Does it mean that they treat their depression but in exchange get respiratory illness?

Other Ways To Use Cannabis Without Getting Upper Respiratory Illness

All Cannabis users have their own preferred ways in smoking or using Cannabis. However, if you are looking for ways to avoid getting upper respiratory illnesses while enjoying the kicks of Cannabis, then below are other methods you might like to consider.

#1 Vaporization it

If you want fight the urge to enjoy the smoke caused by Cannabis, then vaporization is the thing for you. Vaporization is by far the safest way of smoking Cannabis. Burning Cannabis can cause you its psychoactive effects real fast aside from the other health hazards you could get from burnt product. Unfiltered smoke from Cannabis burning also causes upper respiratory infection and plaque builds up on your teeth.

#2 Eating it

If you are looking for ways to get all the benefits Cannabis could offer without worrying on its undesirable effects, then you must eat Cannabis instead of smoking it. Such ways will avoid you to damage your upper respiratory organ. Take note that the damage is not mainly because of cannabis but because of the smoke you produce while having the cannabis. If you administer it orally, then there is no smoke and there will be no damage in your respiratory organ. The potential risk of chronic bronchitis, infection, and COPD and lung cancer will be prohibited as well. After all, you are having cannabis to treat your depression and not to have another illness to treat.

#3 Drinking it

Who says you can’t drink Cannabis like a tea? People are even using Cannabis through concoction in the ancient times. And since you are taking it in liquified form, you can also crash out one side effects from Cannabis which is cotton mouth.

#4 Tincture it

CBD oil is another way of using Cannabis that has become increasingly popular today. The good thing about this method is that it will cause irritation on your upper respiratory. You just have to shake the bottle before opening it, drop a liquid under your tongue, let it settle for a few seconds, and then swallow it.

Though cannabis is widely used in many states as counterpart of any synthetic medicine for depression, it is still best to seek the advice of your doctor. More so, you should try to take cannabis orally rather than using it as cigarette.

Night Sweats

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How Cannabis Help Prevent Night Sweats

Do you sometimes find yourself waking up in the middle of the night soaking with sweat? Night sweats are a common experience by people especially if the environment is too hot or humid with no proper ventilation. Then you will just have to switch on your air conditioner or electric fan, and you will be relieved. However, this is not the night sweats we will be talking about here.

Night sweats or sleep hyperhidrosis is when you excessively sweat at night, regardless of the environment’s temperature, that you even end up having a drenched sleepwear and bedding. Night sweats are a subject of concern as it may indicate a more serious medical condition or illness.

Night Sweats Causes and Symptoms

So how will you know if the night sweats you are experiencing is no longer normal? Ordinary night sweats are caused by clothes or bedding that are too warm, very hot room temperature, or a very bad dream. Night sweats other than these are already a cause of concern. There are a variety of causes to sleep hyperhidrosis, ranging from mild to chronic health conditions. Below are the possible causes of night sweats:

  1. Menopause
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. Obesity
  4. sleep apnea
  5. Anxiety disorders
  6. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  7. Side effects of certain medications such as antidepressants, hypoglycemic agents, hormone therapy, and others
  8. Cancer
  9. Hypoglycemia
  10. Infections
  11. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis
  12. Neurologic disorders
  13. Parkinson’s disease
  14. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

Night Sweats Treatment from Cannabis

A recent study conducted at Stanford University have found out that a synthetic version of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), called dronabinol, can reduce night sweats to some patients especially those with cancer. Night sweats is common in many cancer patients since their body temperature increases as an effect of their medications.
Cannabis is also rich in anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. It soothes the inflammations and infections in the body; calming the immune response and lowering the temperature of the body.

Dronabinol, as mentioned above, is a synthetic form of THC. However, why use the synthetic treatment when you can grow your own Cannabis and process your own treatment right? If you live in the states where Cannabis is legalized, then it would be easier for you to grow your own medical marijuana. The good thing about growing your own Cannabis is that you can be sure that your treatment is free from contaminants and other substances that might alter the efficiency of your medication. Aside from that, processing your own Cannabis treatment is way cheaper compared to buying them online or in the black market.

Gateway Theory – CBD

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Cannabis and Gateway theory

People smoke cannabis due to a variety of reasons. Some may be experimenting while others become dependent on cannabis and cannot function well without it. Some uses it for recreational while some uses it in the attempt to treat their illnesses. There are people who are confident to use cannabis because they claimed that it is not harmful at all. According to these people, cannabis is a soft drug and when taken responsibly will not do any harm. Remember what grandma said about taking everything in moderation? Well, there has been a debate over these claims and there hasn’t been a clear answer yet.

What is the Gateway Theory?

Is CBD a gateway drug? There are some people that claimed cannabis as a gateway drug. By definition, a gateway drug is a habit-forming drug that causes you to use more addictive drugs. There are many drugs in the world that are considered as gateway drugs. These includes nicotine, alcohol, opioids, marijuana, caffeine, amphetamine, inhalant drugs, ecstasy, anabolic steroids, and even some energy drinks. So, is alcohol a gateway drug? The answer to that is big YES!

As mentioned above, Cannabis or marijuana is considered as a gateway drug; this means that people who use cannabis is at higher risk to take harder drugs such as heroin and other illicit drugs. There are two proposed reasons to gateway drug theory in Cannabis:

#1 Experimentation

When you smoke cannabis, you increase your taste for other drugs. You would want to try other drugs and want to experience its effect. Other people would even have an idea that some drugs may offer more pleasurable experience thus leading to further experimentation.

#2 Social groups

Do you have smoke cannabis? Chances are, you also know a person or two that smoke cannabis. It increases your risk of exposing to other drugs and substances. What if the individual you know do other drugs too? You will have increase opportunity to other drugs and access to it as well.

The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the most psychoactive component in Cannabis, could be the reason why Cannabis is considered as a gateway drug since it is the component that gives toxicity and causes the “high”. It makes you addicted to the drug and might tempt you to try stronger drugs especially when you have developed tolerance on it. However, there is another component found in Cannabis called Cannabidiol or CBD which acts in concert with THC. CBD is the component mostly found in hemp plant that has almost none to zero toxicity. When CBD is taken alongside with THC, it will minimize the toxicity brought by THC. Meaning it lowers down the habit that you are about to develop towards Cannabis, instead; it minimizes the health benefits you could get from the plant.

The Gateway drug theory stands on the principle that cannabis users will progress through a sequence of stages. You start with socially acceptable substances like alcohol, progress to illegal soft drugs like cannabis and then later, the use of illicit drugs. Whether Gateway theory is true or not, this remains to be seen especially for cannabis users all over the world.

Epilepsy – CBD

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CBD for Epilepsy

There are an infinite amount of things in this grand universe in which we live, that seem to serve the singular purpose of being a bummer. Student loans, kidney stones, and catheters. Hell, might as well throw Apple dongles (or the lack thereof), speeding tickets, and geese in there, too. I really don’t like geese. But for me, one of life’s greatest bummers, is not being able to drive. Or rather, not being able to drive due to my epilepsy; however, a little substance called CBD has come into my life and it has changed everything.

Here are some of the best CBD oils for epilepsy & seizure disorders.

I’ve dealt with seizures my whole life. The first one I can recall, seeded deep within my memory, was when I was 5 years old. My grandmother had approached me to give me a hug. Next thing I remember, I was in a hospital – and I was also  missing one of my baby teeth which had already been loose. Apparently I bit down on my grandmother’s thick sweater and the tooth became lodged into it as I can began seize up. Fortunately one does not remember much during seizures. You’ll have little flashes of memory here and there. Like, a memory of you managing to crawl to the bathroom. A memory of vomiting on oneself. A memory of your drunken roommates, while pregaming for a college party, panicking while trying to figure if they should call an ambulance. Everyone else remembers the chaos of your seizure, but not you.

Obviously, the health risks of epilepsy and the inconvenience and awkwardness it causes to those around you is terrible, but for me, I simply hate the fact that I cannot get my drivers license. I know how to drive. I took driver’s end and have piloted vehicles on many occasions, but the severity of my epilepsy prevents me from legally being able to have a license. And I suppose it’s for the best. A few years back, my printer ran out of ink while working on a college paper super early in the am. I hadn’t had an episode in almost a year. My boyfriend at the time was asleep, who I gently woke up and asked if I could borrow his truck to go to the 24 hour Walmart (which was roughly a quarter mile away). Normally, he would have said no, but I think in his drowsy-stupor he just kinda said yes so he could go back to sleep.

I grabbed the keys and made the trip. Even bought the printer cartridge. I started the car up and the next thing I know, a few Walmart employees are standing around me in their coats, shivering, and looking stunned. I had driven the car into a pole. No recollection whatsoever of what happened. It wasn’t a bad episode, as I never actually left the seat, and apparently I tried to open the door. The cops came and obviously were not happy that I had did not have a license. Had to prove to them that I didn’t steal the truck and had to take a breathalyzer, too. I would end up walking away with a $200 ticket, a $300 tow-job, and the infinite shame of knowing I had totalled my boyfriend’s beloved S10. When he showed up to the crash scene, the truck was being hoisted on the tow-bed, the front end thoroughly crunched and the ground littered in oily truck entrails. He kept running his hands through his hair, as his face contorted into one of those “I’m not going to cry” expressions.

I made a huge, stupid mistake that I continue to impulsively justify. It was 0 degrees out, I’ve never had a seizure before while driving, ect… but the fact of the matter is someone, myself included, could have gotten killed. Hell, I managed to kill my boyfriend’s car (the pole was fortunately uninjured). To add even more insult, after giving him roughly $3000 to buy a new truck, he would end up breaking up with me. We had other problems, like, it wasn’t the the crash that caused the breakup, but it seemed to be the catalyst that would push us into splitting up. Both completely broke and single, I felt like an absolute moron.

I sank into what you might call a crippling bout of depression. I had recently moved out of my boyfriend’s apartment and was living on a friend’s couch, waiting for one of their graduating roommates to move out so I could take her place. Living on a couch in the middle of a college party house is basically hell. I had zero privacy and only a laptop to keep me company during my sleepless nights. Life has its fare share of ups and downs, but to date that was the lowest I had gone.

Being that I was essentially living out of my friend’s living room, people were always coming and going. No privacy, as I said, but there were always people around, which in some ways distracted me from my mind. I got into a conversation with one of the roommates one night. We had both enjoyed a few drinks while half-watching some crappy reality show when the conversation veered towards my experience with epilepsy. She mentioned that her brother was a severe epileptic and had been using CBD to treat it with really positive results. Like, he’d seen a 95% reduction in seizures since taking it.

She pulled up a video on youtube about a girl named Charlotte, who has a really severe form of epilepsy. This girl, only 5 or 6 years old, would experience multiple seizures a day while not on medication. Her parents had to stop her medication due to the fact that it would inadvertently stop her heart, among other side effects not well suited to the physiology of a child. Her parents were out of options. At the point of accepting there was no way for their child to live a normal life. That was until their doctor, an epilepsy specialist, recommended that she try taking CBD.

They would seek out a local caregiver who had created the highest CBD containing hemp plant they could find (the grower even named the strain after her, calling it Charlotte’s Web). Her parents were relieved to learn that CBD has no psychotropic effects, meaning that it doesn’t get you “stoned.” The video then shows them administering the drug to Charlotte via some applesauce, describing that this compound is nothing short of a wonder-drug. Charlotte saw a 99% reduction in her seizures. Her parents also said there were some other unexpected positive side effects, such as her mood seemed to be lifted, her appetite returned, she was sleeping better, and her overall behavior seemed to have been improved.

“I can’t possibly think of any negative side effects.” Her father states in the video.

Charlotte went from having multiple, crippling seizures a day, from being told that there are no other medical options, that this is her life from now on, to being 99% seizure free and free from risky seizure medications. She went from giving up on a better life, to being given her life back.

With my hand clasped over my mouth, eyes red and dripping, I turned to my roommate and said, “I need some of this stuff right now. Where do I get it?”

I had little knowledge of the stuff and honestly had never once smoked weed. Well, I did once back in highschool, but I don’t think I actually got high. I’m really quite the basic b****, my only inebriation coming from vodka cranberries. I’d always worried about using other drugs because of epilepsy, so I just never tried anything. We also live in Florida, where marijuana is super illegal. Everything that was not alcohol was outside of the reach of my substance lexicon. That being said, since it doesn’t actually get you high, it turns out that you can buy CBD at any health goods store.

I did considerable research before making the buy and consulted my doctor, who was more supportive than I thought she was going to be. It had never been brought up before in any of my visits, which seemed increasingly absurd to me as I researched case after case of epileptics being cured by CBD. I would eventually buy some from a dedicated CBD product store, which my friend drove me to. The owner, who was super nice, had decided to open the store after he started treating his migraines, which he began to experience after a bad car accident, with CBD. He described them as nothing short of a miracle (a good sales pitch, I know…), but I was already sold upon entering the place. Would leave with about $150 dollars of the highest quality products they had: three tubes of CBD goop, or distillate, as he referred to it. He said it it should last me about a month.

I did the math once. My seizure medications cost my insurance roughly $9000 a month – and while my co-pay was less than 1% of that, it seemed incredible to me that CBD could cost so little. Of course I hadn’t even tried it. I waited until I was in my car and squirted out a dose worth under my tongue and let it sit for about a minute, as he recommended. I gave a squirt to my roommate for good measure, too. He also told me to eat something with a little bit of fat content in it, as the CBD binds with fat or something like that. I just saw it as a good excuse for my friend and I to go get some ice cream on the ride back home. I went with plain ol’ chocolate. Accept no imposter.

While I didn’t notice any immediate effects, I can say that it has been over two years since that day and I have had all all but 1 seizure (and a mild one at that). It’s kind of mind blowing. Like, the curse is lifted. My epilepsy, at least compared to others, wasn’t that terrible. It was manageable, you know? But I felt like I got a new lease on life. It brings within my heart a deep, warm welling of joy when I think about not having to live with seizures anymore. My doctor, who was so impressed with my results, has begun informally recommending it to her patients.

They say that the alleviation of suffering is the greatest pleasure of all, so maybe I’m just feeling good because I’m mostly seizure free, but I do think that CBD is giving me an additional mood lift. I’ve also been sleeping much better and have been using it to treat the occasional headache (it’s a great hangover cure, by the way). And as Charlotte’s father said, I have noticed absolutely no side effects. I had grown up with the understanding that all drugs have less than desirable side effects.  And lord knows that epilepsy medications are some of the worst, ranging from nausea, to dizziness, to the worst: crippling lethargy. Sometimes it feels like there’s a terrible fog suffocating your mind with seizure meds. But with CBD? Nothing. No negative side effects whatsoever. This is probably the only case in my life that something that was seemingly too good ended up actually being true.

During my worst year, I had 25 seizures. With medication that decreased to less than a half dozen. It’s always strange to think that had I not been born in a modern age of medicine, I would likely be dead by now (or at least persecuted as a witch or a demon-possessed person). But here I am, taking a substance that has been cultivated by humans for 10,000 years and I am alive and well and 99% seizure free.

In Florida, you can get your license if you’ve not had a seizure for two years. In one month, I will hit the two year mark. I’ve already scheduled my driver’s ed course. Like I said, I know how to drive, but apparently I need to take a refresher course or something. Whatever. I don’t care. I am feeling better than I ever have. And if you’re an epileptic, I can’t recommend enough that you give CBD a try.


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How to Reduce the Psychoactive Effects of Cannabis

Being an active or seasoned user of cannabis gives you the idea that you can take any side effects that it might give you. Until one day, you are just staring at the mirror and asking yourself on how to lessen your anxiousness, dizziness and being paranoid. Too much consumption of cannabis can still give you great side effects that you might not be able to handle. So better take note of the following ways on how to reduce the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

1. Switch to Cannabidiol (CBD) products

While both THC and CBD contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, THC is the only component that can cause the psychoactive effects. If the side effects of Cannabis are getting intense and dangerous, then you might like to switch from THC to CBD. CBD can influence the effect of cannabis specifically THC in your system. It will modulate the way the THC interacts with your brain. Thus, it will help calm your anxieties and bring you to back to the level ground before indigestion of cannabis.

2. Make use of black peppercorn

Another compound that can interact well with THC is the black peppercorn. In fact, it is the classic remedy of many Cannabis user when it comes to dealing marijuana’s undesirable effects. The black peppercorn is known be rich in terpenes – an aromatic compound that can interact with THC in your body. Therefore, this product will surely influence the type of high you feel in after taking the cannabis. It is one of the best home remedies to reduce the effects of cannabis.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Cotton mouth or dry mouth is one of the many typical effects of Cannabis smoking. Hydration is always the key especially if you consumed too much cannabis in your system. The water will always flush out everything leaving you alleviate the too-high feeling. Always keep a glass or bottle of water nearby in case you’ll get episodes of cotton mouth.

4. Rest and relax

Sleeping and remaining calm is also one way to reduce the effect of cannabis. It will help you relax your mind and body. Resting is also a safe way to handle psychoactive effects of Cannabis, you get to sleep your anxiety away and at the same time, you keep your self away from incidents.

5. Exercise

One of the best ways to manage the psychoactive effects of Cannabis is to sweat them all out. Running or doing activities will help relieve stress brought by consuming Cannabis. Aside from that it also distracts you from other desirable effects of Cannabis such as paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

Though you can choose any of the above suggestion, but the best way to tell yourself if you are having discomfort after taking the cannabis is that – “all of this will eventually pass”.


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Cannabis Incarceration Rates

Cannabis isn’t just controversial because of its uses; it is also a cause of uproar to many concerned individuals the government’s campaign on war on drugs. The use of cannabis has been legalized in some states. However, some places are still under strict law when it comes to smoking cannabis. While people smoking cannabis claim that it is harmless, the law thinks differently. According to the statistics, far too many people are arrested for cannabis possession in the US every year. Based on drug war statistics, the US spent more than $47 billion for its war on drugs cost 2017.

While the police force has all the rights to arrest people who are caught with cannabis on hand, cannabis users are complaining. The police are not arresting drug lords but rather, people with small amounts of pots. So, how many arrests are made each year? Well, in 2017, about 1, 632 921 arrests were made for drug law violations; 659 700 of these are arrested for a marijuana law violation with 90.85 of this figure accounts to marijuana law violation arrested for possession only. Drug incarceration statistics in United States last 2016 is considered the highest incarceration rate in the world with 2,205,300 people.

Are there really people who became a victim of mass incarceration? Cannabis incarceration becomes a hot topic up to these days as nearly 600,000 people are arrested for cannabis with a certain percentage of them was sent to prison. Currently, the government doesn’t have the exact figures for drug war statistics 2018 and the number of people incarcerated for cannabis possession and usage in state prisons. However, they do have a record for the number of people who have drug possession cases. While it is true that some of these people have cannabis on their possession, it doesn’t mean that they actually commit heinous crime. Some of them could just be part of Cannabis incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders.

This is the main reason why most of them are whining. A simple arrest may create huge problems starting with creating a criminal record. If one is found with cannabis, an individual will possibly face a felony charge. That problem doesn’t end there.

When an individual is convicted with felony charges, the punishment is severe and the minimum imprisonment is 16 months up to 3 years. Having a criminal record means you find it hard to get a job or if you have one, you can lose it. You can’t take out any loan or any financial aid. Imagine the price of incarceration you have to pay for being caught of possessing cannabis.