Intractable Hiccups

Common Causes and Treatment of Intractable Hiccups

All people get hiccups once in a while and will experience it whether we like it or not. Hiccup is a contraction in the diaphragm and is usually harmless. It only usually last for a few minutes then go away. However, there are some cases that hiccups would last more than a month. These are known as intractable hiccups. Other would call it chronic hiccups or intractable singultus.

This condition is very uncommon happening one in every one hundred thousand people. You should see an expert immediately if your hiccups doesn’t go away even for one hour. But really, what causes hiccups? These are the following common causes:

  1. Diseases affecting the diaphragm like pneumonia and pleurisy.
  2. Brain infections, injuries, tumors or strokes
  3. Metabolic disorders like when your body can’t break down certain nutrients into energy that will result to build up
  4. Gastrointestinal diseases affecting the esophagus, stomach and small or large intestine
  5. Psychological problems like hysteria, shock, fear, and certain metal conditions
  6. Liver Problems
  7. Kidney disorders
  8. Medications including chemotherapy, benzodiazepines (type of depressants), corticosteroids (used to treat inflammation), barbiturates (type of depressants), morphine (pain medication), and anesthetics (make you unconscious or relieve pain)
  9. Surgery

Intractable hiccups can be triggered also by spicy foods, hot liquids and fumes. Even carbonated drinks or eating a large meal may also lead to hiccups.

Treatments of Intractable Hiccups

You may find intractable hiccups a simple condition. Still, you cannot deny the fact that it can be very inconvenient; so you would still look for ways on how to get rid of hiccups quickly. Below are the hiccups treatment you could find in your own home:

#1 Water

Drinking water is probably the most common answer on how to stop hiccups. The moment you hiccup, you have to drink a glass water in order to stop it. Some people also believe that drinking from the far side of the glass or through a paper towel are also effective to stop hiccups.

#2 Lemon

Lemon is another ingredient you can easily find at home which can be a great remedy for intractable hiccups. Lemons are sour and its sourness can fight the irritation in your phrenic or vagus nerves which causes your hiccups; thus, treating your condition.

#3 Paper bag

Breathing in and out on a paper bag is also a popular way of getting rid of hiccups. It stimulates one’s nasopharynx and makes your respiratory cycle back to normal again.

#4 Sugar

The sweetness of sugar is good enough to stimulate your vagus nerve getting your respiratory cycle back to normal again.

#5 Cannabis

Cannabis is the newest addition to the family of hiccups treatments. However, new it may be, it is still as effective as others. Cannabis contains CBD or Cannabidiol which is known to have a very anti-oxidant and cannabinoids content. The cannabinoids in the Cannabis reacts positively with the receptors in nasopharynx, enabling it to regulate the nervous system and return the equilibrium.