Cannabis Incarceration Rates

Cannabis isn’t just controversial because of its uses; it is also a cause of uproar to many concerned individuals the government’s campaign on war on drugs. The use of cannabis has been legalized in some states. However, some places are still under strict law when it comes to smoking cannabis. While people smoking cannabis claim that it is harmless, the law thinks differently. According to the statistics, far too many people are arrested for cannabis possession in the US every year. Based on drug war statistics, the US spent more than $47 billion for its war on drugs cost 2017.

While the police force has all the rights to arrest people who are caught with cannabis on hand, cannabis users are complaining. The police are not arresting drug lords but rather, people with small amounts of pots. So, how many arrests are made each year? Well, in 2017, about 1, 632 921 arrests were made for drug law violations; 659 700 of these are arrested for a marijuana law violation with 90.85 of this figure accounts to marijuana law violation arrested for possession only. Drug incarceration statistics in United States last 2016 is considered the highest incarceration rate in the world with 2,205,300 people.

Are there really people who became a victim of mass incarceration? Cannabis incarceration becomes a hot topic up to these days as nearly 600,000 people are arrested for cannabis with a certain percentage of them was sent to prison. Currently, the government doesn’t have the exact figures for drug war statistics 2018 and the number of people incarcerated for cannabis possession and usage in state prisons. However, they do have a record for the number of people who have drug possession cases. While it is true that some of these people have cannabis on their possession, it doesn’t mean that they actually commit heinous crime. Some of them could just be part of Cannabis incarceration of nonviolent drug offenders.

This is the main reason why most of them are whining. A simple arrest may create huge problems starting with creating a criminal record. If one is found with cannabis, an individual will possibly face a felony charge. That problem doesn’t end there.

When an individual is convicted with felony charges, the punishment is severe and the minimum imprisonment is 16 months up to 3 years. Having a criminal record means you find it hard to get a job or if you have one, you can lose it. You can’t take out any loan or any financial aid. Imagine the price of incarceration you have to pay for being caught of possessing cannabis.