Immune Responses – CBD

Cannabinoids and the Immune System: An Overview

When you get sick, you automatically treat yourself by seeking medication. Did you know that a human body is designed to defend itself? Your immune system protects your body from harmful substance. The immune response is how your body defends itself by fighting bacteria and other foreign substances that appear to be harmful. The immune system responds by recognizing antigens. Antigens are substances on the surface of cells, viruses or bacteria. Antigens can also be nonliving substances such as toxins, drugs and chemicals. Your immune system will recognize antigens and will destroy it.

Typically, your body is designed to cure and treat itself through its system called as immune responses. Generally, an immune response is divided in to two types – innate immunity and passive immunity.

Innate immunity

Innate or nonspecific immunity is the defense system of your body with which you were born. It gives you protection against all antigens. This type of immunity involves barriers that prevent harmful materials and substances from entering your body. This barrier serves as your body’s first line of defense. Example of innate immunity includes:

  • Stomach acid
  • Skin
  • Mucus
  • Cough reflex

Passive immunity

Passive immunity is when your body gets an antibodies that is not its own. For example, an infant has a passive immunity because they are born with antibodies from their mother. It provides direct protection against an antigen but it will not last long. These antibodies disappear when an infant turns 6 months and older. When a baby produces its own antibodies, they no longer have a passive immunity.

Does CBD Help Immune System

Cannabidiols or CBD oil is a product extracted from medical marijuana or Cannabis. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another psychoactive component of Cannabis, CBD does not give anyone the “high”. In fact, it is believed to opposes the side effects of THC. And at the same time, it enhances its therapeutic effects. Meaning, when THC and CBD oil is taken, the person will not get addicted to Cannabis but will get the medicinal plant’s many health benefits.

Now, the million-dollar question is, does CBD oil kill viruses? The medical marijuana may not really cure your common colds and cough, however, with the antioxidant properties present in Cannabis, it greatly helps in managing the symptoms of illnesses and may provide fast relief. Continuous researches are being conducted to prove if taking Cannabinoids white blood cell count will also increase. If proven positive, it would be a big milestone in the medical industry since many places in United States are already slowly accepting the use of medical marijuana. Those people living in the 29 states were marijuana is already legal, in state level, can now grow their own Cannabis for their personal use.

The good thing about growing your own Cannabis and process it to make your own CBD oil is that you can save a lot compared to buying it in the black market. You just have to buy a decent Cannabis processing equipment and learn how to process your own CBD oil, and you’re good to go.