Cannabis: Can It Be A Natural Cure For Glaucoma?

According to World Health’s Organization, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness globally. More than 3 million Americans are diagnosed with glaucoma today; and at least 2.7 million of these are 40 years and older, being affected with open-angle glaucoma. Glaucoma is definitely a serious condition that causes great threat to many people. However, one question that you might be itching to ask right not is, can you really use Cannabis as a natural cure for glaucoma?

Glaucoma is actually a group of eye conditions that affects and destroys the optic nerve, the part of the eye that plays a very important role for good vision. Aside from being hereditary, glaucoma is also caused by an intense pressure in the eye, also known as intraocular pressure, which hurts your optic nerves. If this pressure continues, this can cause glaucoma and may lead to blindness.

Types of Glaucoma and Their Symptoms

There are two major types of Glaucoma:

#1 Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma is the most common type of glaucoma. It starts when your eye does not efficiently drain fluid which results to pressure building up in the eye. The damage in the optic nerve happens slowly and without feeling any pain.

#2 Closed-Angle Glaucoma

Also known as angle-closure glaucoma or narrow-angle glaucoma; this condition happens when the iris is located very close to the drainage angle of the eye; eye pressure builds up when the iris blocks the drainage angle. Closed-angle glaucoma is very dangerous and needs emergency care or else you might lose your vision. Signs of a closed-angle glaucoma includes blurry vision, severe eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, and seeing halos or colored rings around lights.

Glaucoma can be diagnosed through vision checkup. Your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes and check your optic nerves. Once you are diagnosed with glaucoma, another test called tonometry will be done to determine the extent of your eye pressure.

Glaucoma Treatments

If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, your treatments will depend on the extent of your condition. Your ophthalmologist may prescribe you with eye drops, laser surgery, or microsurgery to minimize the pressure that is building up in your eye.Many researches were conducted with regards to CBD and glaucoma. CBD is an extract from Cannabis plant, specifically the hemp plant. These researches are showing positive results of using CBD oil for glaucoma treatment. Cannabis plants are believed to help lower the pressure building up in the eye. In fact, a study conducted in 1971 concluded that smoking medical marijuana decreases the build-up of eye pressure by 25%. It might also have a neuroprotective agent which could be the cure for glaucoma soon says new research being conducted by experts.

So what’s the good news? Well, 29 states in United States are now legalizing, in state level, the use of Cannabis for medicinal purposes. So, if you happen to live in any of the 29 states and you have enough space in your backyard, then you can grow your own Cannabis for your glaucoma treatment. Growing you own Cannabis and processing your own CBD oil is a cheaper alternative than buying CBD in the black market which can be very expensive.