Dystonia – CBD

Cannabis And Its Promising Effects on Dystonia

Contrary to what some people believe, Dystonia is not a normal condition due to aging. In fact, Dystonia can affect, anyone can experience Dystonia regardless of age and race. More than 250,000 Americans are diagnosed with Dystonia in 2018 and is considered as third of the most common movement disorder in the United States. So, what really is Dystonia?

Dystonia and its Signs and Symptoms

Dystonia is medical condition that primarily affects one or more muscles. It is characterized by uncontrollable muscle contractions which is noticeable through the person’s slow repetitive movements or his/her abnormal posture. Since it is a neurological disorder, individuals with Dystonia may experience tremors. Dystonia can occur to any muscles in the body such as cervix for cervical dystonia.
In many cases, Dystonia doesn’t have a cause. Others believe it is genetically inherited. Below are the factors that might trigger Dystonia:

  1. Brain Trauma
  2. Stroke
  3. Brain Tumor
  4. Oxygen deprivation
  5. Meningitis
  6. Lead or carbon monoxide poisoning
  7. Side effects of drug abuse

Individuals with history of the abovementioned factors should watch out for the following symptoms:

  1. Foot cramp or a dragging leg
  2. Handwriting problem that worsen over time
  3. Involuntarily pulling of the neck
  4. Speech difficulties
  5. Involuntary blinking

Once you experience the symptoms mentioned above, visit your doctor right away for a thorough check up.

Treatment for Dystonia

There are different types of treatment used for Dystonia depending on its severity. Worse case uses deep brain stimulation wherein an electrode is implanted in a certain area in the brain to help regulate the muscular contractions. While some opt for prescribed medications, there are also some who are hopeful with the use of Cannabis or medical marijuana to treat the symptoms of Dystonia.

Recent studies have shown positive results towards CBD effects on Dystonia. We cannot deny the purpose Cannabis had served in the ancient medicine. CBD has been used in the olden times in treating several illnesses because of its anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. With these medicinal properties, there is a big possibility that medical marijuana can reduce the symptoms of Dystonia or prevent the involuntary contractions of the muscles.

Many scientists and experts are hopeful for this controversial plant since it can be obtained naturally in the surroundings. In fact, people who are living in the states of America where the use of medical marijuana is already legalized, it will be easier for them to grow their own Cannabis and process its essential oil for Dystonia.  See? You only need to have sufficient space and a good Cannabis processing equipment; and you can start growing your own medical marijuana.