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What are the Proper Doses of Cannabis?

Cannabis is the focus of the attention of many medical experts today especially that more and more states have legalized its use. All scientific research and clinical trials are aiming for one purpose — to determine the benefits of medical marijuanas. Maximizing the use of cannabis is a little bit challenge for both the doctors and the patients. Since despite the positive feedbacks from the experts, there are still more misconceptions that are surfacing the newsfeed today about the proper use of cannabis. Lots of questions need answers from experts. And one of the frequently asked questions is – What are the proper doses of cannabis? And how many grams are in one dose of medicine from Cannabis?

One of the common misconceptions of lots of people is that you need to get high in order to get the real effects of cannabis. This is precisely wrong. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that the therapeutic effects of cannabis can be achieved at dosages lower than those required by the doctors or experts. In fact, to some, ultra-low dosages can be more extremely effectively to them comparing to high dosages of cannabis.

Moreover, the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has not created a recommended daily allowance for Cannabis or even the widely used CBD oil, therefore the doctors cannot prescribe a proper dosage too. Cannabis and other types of medical marijuanas has no official serving size.

However, there are many dosage calculators you could find online to help you estimate the dosage you could take per day. Since there are different types of marijuana, make sure that you include its type in searching for the dosage; ex., edible dosage calculator or tincture dosage calculator.

The following tips will also help you in determining the right dosage of cannabis for your health:

1. Cannabis Experience – before using and determining the right dose of cannabis, ask yourself first if you have tried cannabis before. Because a veteran user may need a higher dose compared to the new user. Always remember to “Start low, Go Slow”

2. Time of Day- The effect of cannabis is also dependent on the time of the day. You need more dosage of cannabis during daylight hours since you are more physically active during this period.

3. Preventive Dosing- Prolonged low dose therapy may be advantageous for those people with chronic symptoms. It may prevent further damage in the system.

4. Cannabinoid Acids – Raw, unheated and unprocessed cannabis may bring different effect compare to process cannabis. So make sure to watch out for cannabinoid acids if you want to venture on raw cannabis.

Cannabis is safe and forgiving medicine. You can maximize its effectiveness by figuring out how to use if properly and finding the right dosage.