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How to Avoid Delirium Tremens with Cannabis

Have you heard of the term delirium tremens before? People who binge with alcohol before and decides to quit the vice are very familiar with the term. Delirium Tremens (DTs) is one of the worst side effects that an individual encounter after withdrawing from alcohol intake. This condition is characterized by tremors, hallucinations, anxiety, and disorientation; and can be life-threatening if not addressed early and properly.

When a person excessively drinks alcohol, the toxic components of alcohol alters our ability to regulate the neurotransmitter GABA; which leads to a limited production of the said neurotransmitter. When the toxic level of alcohol suddenly drops in a significant level, the brain will tend to overproduce neurotransmitters. When this happens, the brain will go in a hyperactive state resulting to delirium tremens.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Delirium Tremens?

Aside from the shaking frenzy, the following Delirium Tremens symptoms can also become noticeable to an individual experiencing the condition:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. body tremors
  4. high blood pressure
  5. a fast and irregular heartbeat
  6. light and noise sensitivity
  7. intense anxiety
  8. extreme fear or paranoia
  9. hyperactivity
  10. agitation
  11. inability to focus
  12. hallucinations
  13. confusion
  14. stupor
  15. insomnia

Can you treat Delirium Tremens with Cannabis?

It is very important to provide proper medical attention to individuals with delirium tremens the moment the early signs show up. The lack of delirium tremens treatment may cause permanent damage to the person’s brain, nervous and cardiovascular system.

Even many decades ago, there are already claims of Cannabis being a good treatment for alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Cannabidiol or CBD oil is a component of Cannabis extracted from hemp plant. It is believed to have a very potent medicinal properties but with zero toxicity effects. With hundreds of clinical studies conducted about Cannabis, some of these includes how Cannabis works for alcoholism.

Evidence from medical marijuana users as well as medical research suggests that you can use CBD for alcohol withdrawal especially in alleviating the withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, vomiting, seizures, mood swings, anxiety and even depression.

Aside from that, while withdrawing from alcohol, you can also use Cannabis as a substitute for alcohol because of its psychoactive component called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the component which causes the user the “high”. However, when it is used along with CBD, the toxicity level will be minimized and its therapeutic properties will be maximized.

Meaning, you will be able to totally withdraw from alcohol, with very less withdrawal symptoms. Just make sure to talk with the experts especially on the right dosage of Cannabis and CBD for alcohol withdrawal to avoid undesirable effects.