Constipation – CBD

Best CBD Oil For Constipation

Have you also experienced that annoying problem regarding bowel movements? If yes, then you have probably asked yourself too how to become unconstipated immediately too. So what really is constipation, how did we get this illness, and how to treat it?

Constipation is a common condition in our society. Probably almost all of us has experienced being constipated at least once in our lives. It affects us regardless of our age, race, and gender. Constipation is body condition that affects our digestive system wherein our bowel movements are tough or we have feces that are difficult to release. Bowel movements vary from person to person. Some with faster metabolism have bowel movements as often as thrice a day while some have once or twice a week. But not being able to defecate for more than 3 days is no longer normal.

Why do we experience constipation?

Constipation happens when our feces becomes so hard and hard to expel from our bodies. Our feces becomes so hard when there is too much liquid absorbed from the food while digesting; and when we have not defecated for more than the normal days. The longer that we have not defecated, the harder our stools become.

Lack of fiber in our diet and physical inactivity are the most common causes of constipation. Lifestyle changes and side effects of the medication you are taking also causes constipation.

What are the treatment for constipation?

Normally, constipation resolves by itself without the need to take medications. Some who are tired with the undesirable feeling brought by constipation would resort to Over-The-Counter laxatives. A diet full of fiber and drinking lots of water usually relieves constipation. You should not hold in your bowel too as it can also lead to constipation.

In relation to constipation, one treatment that has becoming popular today is the use of hemp oil for constipation.

Hemp oil or CBD oil is an oil extracted from Cannabis plant called hemp. You may have heard that about the 29 states in America that have already legalized, in state level, the use of Cannabis in medical purposes. Way back in the ancient times, Cannabis has already been used by old civilizations in treating many illnesses; and constipation is one of those.

So, does CBD relieve constipation? People who lived in the 29 states where medical marijuana is legal, have tried using Cannabis in treating constipation. Some says that if you poop after eating an edible Cannabis, then there can be really higher chance of Cannabis being a potential treatment for bowel movement disorder right? Just make sure to use only the best CBD oil for constipation. Or better yet, grow your Cannabis so you can be sure that you are only using pure CBD oil for your treatment.