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Analgesic Potential Of Cannabis

Today, people are becoming more open on the use of natural remedies found in plants, like medical marijuana, in treating certain illnesses. Proof to this the increasing number of states in America and other countries that have legalized the use of Cannabis for recreational and pharmacotherapy for pain or as an analgesic.

Analgesic is a medicine used to alleviate pain. It is also sometimes known as pain killers. People use analgesic to relieve mild to moderate pain from certain condition which may include muscle aches, toothaches and headaches. Nowadays, people who are using analgesic have more options to relieve pain through the use of cannabis. If you are a cannabis user, you will be glad to know that cannabis has been reported to have analgesic properties.

Cannabis has been used for medical purposes. As some states legalized the use of cannabis, more and more people are using cannabis, especially in alleviating pain. There has been a theoretical discussion for Cannabinoids pain relief management. Due to this, more and more patients around the world are turning to cannabis for pain relief.  The theory of cannabis containing analgesic properties can be traced back to a thousand years ago.

The cannabis plant was use as anesthesia to patients during surgical procedures. It is because cannabis plants contain very low levels of delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the compounds known to have a therapeutic effect on humans.

The analgesic potentials of Cannabinoids of Cannabis is due to its potential to react positively with the Endocannabinoid receptors in the body, specifically CB1 in the central nervous system. It reactivates the receptors encouraging it to produce the analgesia effect.

Whether cannabis is the best treatment for pain or not, the fact that many patients believe that cannabis help alleviating their pain is enough reason why the analgesic potential of cannabis has been increasingly popular nowadays. While many people use cannabis for the purposes of getting “high”, its medical potential cannot be ignored. Cannabis for medical use may not have been approved by the FDA yet, its medical and recreational use has been legalized in some areas already. Regardless of its legal approval or not, many believe in the analgesic potential of cannabis.

In fact, many pharmaceutical companies have already used medical marijuana and developed Cannabinoid pain cream as well as CBD oil for other medicinal purposes. If you also believed in the analgesic potential of Cannabis, you can always try using Cannabis.

And if you live in the state where Cannabis is legalized, then you might just like to consider growing your own Cannabis and processing your own CBD oil since it if far cheaper compared to buying your Cannabis strains at the market.