Top 8 Best Soil pH Reader: pH Tester Kit Reviews

If you have an enthusiasm for gardening of if you are owning a garden, you should know about the importance of soil pH reader and do not forget to test the pH level of your soil frequently before and during the growing season. The plants rely heavily on the nutrients in the soil to flourish, evaluating the soil pH level will let you know what nutrient your soil is missing and what you should do to adjust the soil and create a healthy, optimal environment for plants to grow and thrive. This top 8 best soil pH reader review will help you make the right decision on prefer pH reader for your need.

10 pH Tester Kit Reviews

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#1 Puetz Golf Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Meter

With an affordable price, excellent performance, accurate reading result, Puetz Golf soil pH meter is great option to go for. In addition to pH, this meter also can be used to determine moisture and sunlight level. It may assist you in planting flowers and any type of plants. There’s no need for batteries or any power source. It is very easy to use as you just need inserting the long probes into the soil, switch and choose the parameter you want to measure. This product will tell if you need to water your plants, manage pH levels and let you know if your plants receive enough light they need in both outdoor and indoor garden.

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#2 MoonCity Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Test Kits

MoonCity Soil pH meter is also a 3-in-1 unit, that means it not only measure pH but also moisture and sunlight level. It will assist you in taking better care of your plants by providing accurate pH readings. It is simple to use, plugging it into the soil and wait for a few minutes to get the reading result. It does not need any external power like batteries or electric, making it completely portable and handy at any time to use indoor and outdoor. This device provides scientifically precise estimates.

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#3 Oakton AO-35423-01 EcoTestr pH 2+ Pocket pH Meter

The Oakton 35423-10 EcoTestr pH 2+ is a waterproof pH tester that measure pH levels in liquid and often use for hydroponics growing system. The pH scale ranges from 0.0 to 14.0. It has a three-point calibration capability that allows it to produce a wide variety of results. if the temperature fluctuates between 0 and 50 degrees, this meter still ensures the accurate reading thanks to Automatic Temperature Compensation technology. It comes with an upright, single-line, big LCD display with convenient indications.

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#4 HM Digital HMPH80 Digital pH/Temperature Meter

The HM Digital PH-80 is a smart, high technology, digital pH tester that comes with a lot of functions. It features one-touch automated calibration, relieves you of the burden of manually calibrating it. It measures and provides pH and temperatures result at the same time in the display. It is designed with a water-proof case that protects it from liquids. It is very lightweight, elegant form, and pocket size makes it highly portable. It offers the result of +/- 2% reading accuracy, 1pH resolution, with a pH range from 0 to 14.

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#5 Apera Instruments SX610 Waterproof pH Pen Tester

Apera Instruments SX610 pH Pen Tester is a very simple device as it is designed with only one button for operation. I love the small, compact size of this tester as it is easy to carry and store. If you are looking for a pH tester your hydroponics garden with a low cost, this one is the perfect option. The pH probe is replaceable. The Apera instrument comes with a full set of calibration, lithium batteries, all in a convenient box. It is waterproof, comes with Easy Auto Calibration, automatic turn off, low battery alarm features. It also allows user to choose between F and C temperature measurement value.

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#6 SONKIR Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester

This 3-in-1 pH meter is used to determine the pH of soil, moisture and sunlight. This bundles a number of functions into a single tool. This meter will tell you whether your soil is in good or not for your plants and let you know when your plants requires water. What I like the most is that Sonkir’s Soil pH Meter has a one-year guarantee. The only disadvantage of this meter is that it is not very accurate all the time, the reading result may varies a little.

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#7 Covery 3 in 1 Soil Tester

This is a popular soil tester and has been recommended by many gardeners. It’s a useful item to have around the house if you’re gardening. The tester is durable and very reliable thanks to its sturdy case. An instruction manual is included with the kit. This will help you figure out how to adjust your soil to achieve the greatest harvest. You can use this small tester to determine the amount of light, acidity, and moisture content. It’s simple to operate, and doesn’t require batteries.

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#8 APULUSTE Digital PH Meter, PH Meter 0.01 PH High Accuracy Water Quality Tester

This digital pH meter from Apuluste has a lot of good characteristics, so it’s a good choice if it is the first time you buy a pH meter. It can be used as a water thermometer as well as a pH meter. It takes only a few seconds to calibrate with only one touch. It provides pH measurements quickly for both temperature and water quality. This pH meter also very affordable, making it an excellent choice for people who have limited budget.

What are the best materials for riding boots?

Riding boots can be a significant investment so it’s important to purchase good-quality boots that will last for long time. A quality pair of boots might cost extra but will provide extra safety. Most riders consider some factors in buying boots and one of them is the material for riding boot.

Materials used to affect the prices and quality of boots. It can be challenging to know which material will make the best boots for riding to choose. This guide will overview the different types of material and also the pros and cons of each types.

#1 Leather

The most popular material used in creating riding boots is leather. Leather-made boots offer premium quality in terms of comfort and safety. This traditional material is idea for riding as its study build that will last for a long time. Leather booth are also waterproof and durable as long as you ensure that it is regular maintained, polished and oiled.

The only downside of leather boots is that they are costly, as expected. The best boots are usually made with calf leather, so I would like to recommend you go with it. It is known for being thin but very flexible nature.

#2 Rubber boots

Rubber is also another common type. If you have limited budget, the rubber boots are attractive alternatives for you. Rubber is also weather proof and even ensure durability even when exposed to different conditions. The advantage is that it is require less effort of maintenance than leather boots.

You just need to wash it with water is enough o keep the boots clean and in good condition. However, the drawback of rubber boots are they hardly breathable. That means if you are riding in the hot weather during the summer, it is extremely uncomfortable for your feet. After a period of time, rubber also the condition for grow dull and scuff. Besides, rubbers are not really suit for the style and elegant look of leather boots. Rubber boots are more preferred for secondary boots or yard work.

#3 Synthetic fabric boots

Synthetic boots are recommended for everyday riding as they are inexpensive at all. They are also great to use if you’re only riding in a few small shows and don’t want to part with the cost of leather boots. However, the drawback is that synthetic fabric is not good to provide additional protection for the rider leg.

Haze VS Kush: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain?

The most popular cannabis strain on 420 seed bank all have names ending in Haze or Kush. It is the parents to breed strain with other strains to create more experience for the stoner.

And between these two prominent strains, there are many differences, but their common points are the best quality strain. Therefore, they appear more as the parents to create the most ideal F1.

But if we create a confrontation between Haze and Kush, what is the best cannabis strain? In this post, we will compare these two strain to find the answer to that question.

#1 Origin

Haze is the most famous Hybrid 100% Sativa strain of cannabis strain. Haze is also the most widely cultivated Sativa strain in the world and is extremely popular. Haze began to appear in the 1970s in Santa Cruz area of California, USA.

Haze is a hybrid of 100% Sativa trees of Mexico, Colombia, India and Thailand.

Meanwhile Kush is a special type of marijuana native to the Hindu Kush mountain region. This mountain range stretches across the Afghan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographical areas where cannabis plants grow naturally. Kush contains many dominant genes of Indica strain.

#2 Appearence

Haze and Kush have a big difference in appearance. If you know the form of each strain, you can distinguish them easily.

Haze dominates Sativa so it grows very tall and skinny body. Therefore, it is more suitable to grow outdoors than indoors, some Haze seeds can grow up to a height of 8m.

Haze has thin and long leaves. Their buds are usually green with a hint of orange and yellow on top.

Meanwhile, Kush dominates Indica so it usually grows low, stout. So Kush is ideally grown indoors.

Kush has fat leaves, flower buds are vividly colored and leans towards dark green.

#3 Flavor & Aroma

Between these two strains there is also a clear difference in flavor and aroma. You can also immediately distinguish these two types of strain one to experience them.

Haze has a brighter flavor, it is more sweet and sour. It has a pleasant and refreshing aroma, often with orange, tangerine and a slight sweetness of the soil and herbs.

Kush has a unique and stronger flavor. Smoke often has a pungent and complex odor, often containing diesel oil, herbs, grapes and oranges.

#4 Effect

Both Haze and Kush bring impressive experiences to stoners. However, these two strains bring different effects, suitable for different purposes.

Haze dominated Sativa so it works to uplift and energize the stoner. It also increases creativity and reduces anxiety and fatigue for stoners.

Kush dominates Indica so it has more sedative and analgesic effect. Kush is extremely suitable for those who often insomnia. It both brings happiness and helps stoner reduce anxiety. But it will bring feelings of drowsiness and fatigue when used.

Hindu Kush VS Afghan Kush: What Is The Best Cannabis Kush Strain?

Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush are both the most popular Kush strain in california seed banks online. These two strain both have a strong sedative and relaxing effect for stoners.

They are all top choices when stoners want to find something that can relax and provide the ideal resting period. And both are asserting themselves in the best cannanis Kush strain list.

In this post, we will place the Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush on the scale to choose the best cannabis Kush strain. Of course we will evaluate them objectively.

#1 Appearance

Both Hindu Kush and Afghan Kush dominate Indica so they have many similar characteristics. But if you look closely, you can still distinguish these two strains.

Hindu Kush has dark green stems and leaves, buds have lighter green. In particular, the Hindu Kush has thick coating of trichomes, they are very sparkling and you can easily relate to the mist in the early morning.

This strain also features bright red pistils. Look closely and you’ll see that they are small, curled hairs.

Afghan Kush is dark green with thick, short and colorless leaves. It bears the morphology of Indica and grows with low height, wide canopy and thick.

It has more trichomes than Hindu Kush and the pistils are more orange in color.

#2 Flavor & Aroma

Hindu Kush provides velvet-like smoke that is enough to satisfy your mouth and throat. With the first smoke, you can say slightly pungent and spicy but the next inhalation you will be infatuated with this unique flavor.

This strain brings with it the sweetness and aroma of sandalwood, pine, flowers and earth. It also carries the spicy taste of oranges and tangerines.

Afghan Kush meanwhile smells of earthy, notes of Pinesol and sometimes hashy. It also tastes very sweet.

#3 Effect

Hindu Kush brings a powerful effect like a 100% Indica stain. It gives the stoner instant relaxation and comfort. It has a strong sedative effect for both mind and body.

Hindu Kush helps you feel positive, thereby spreading joy from inside your body. It helps you have a great relaxing night and also has analgesic and anti-insomnia effects.

And Afghtan Kush, thanks to its significant CBD content, it has the ability to effectively reduce headaches. It can also make people with long-term anorexia become craving for food quickly.

Afghtan Kush helps you feel a lot more relaxed and also becomes more excited.

However both of them make stoners feel extremely dry mouth and dry eyes.

Final Verdict

The above are some of the most basic factors for comparison between Hindu Kush and Afghtan Kush. From these factors, we find the Hindu Kush a little more prominent than Afghtan Kush.

How to Extract CBD from Hemp at Home: A DIY Guide for Beginners

Hemp is known for being a potent source of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, as the latter is higher compared to its content of THC. CBD is popular for its long list of uses, which is why more and more people are being interested in its extraction. To be specific, it can be used for the treatment of pain, anxietyseizures, spasm, and psychosis, among other medical problems. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of CBD, one of the best ways to have it used is in the form of an oil derived from a hemp plant. If you want to learn how to extract CBD from hemp at home, keep on reading and we’ll let you know how to do it. As a beginner, the extraction process can be intimidating at first. However, once you know the basics of how it is done, you will realize that it is actually easier than what you have initially thought.

CO2 Extraction of CBD from Hemp

The process is more complicated, which is why it is not as popular. Basically, it involves the need to force CO2 into the plant extract to derive the oil from the hemp. More than being complex, you will also need expensive equipment to complete this extraction method. This makes it easy to understand why a lot of people are not a fan of such a process. This is a process that is often done in a commercial laboratory. Because of this, we will not tackle this method since we are only talking about extraction of CBD oil from hemp in a process that can be completed at home.

The Ideal Method To Trellis Outdoor Cannabis Plants

With the following steps, you can support your outdoor cannabis plants. This framework is intended for and works best with bigger fabric aeration containers, going from 100 to 1,000 gallons in size.

Stage 1: Initial Support

A big, heavy-duty tomato cage is at the center of this framework and it will provide the internal help to the main branches and stems. Install the tomato cage at the season of transplanting to abstain from damaging the developing root system.

Stage 2: Install T-posts

Install four metal T-posts that are spaced equally around the container (if a nonexistent line is drawn from post to post, it would make a square around the circular container). Depending on the size of your container, the T-posts ought to be somewhere in the range of six to 10 feet long and secured sufficiently enough into the ground to guarantee maximum stability. The T-posts are in charge of holding the whole structure upright, so don’t compromise with this progression. To give an additional level of support, the initial support caging can be attached to every one of the T-posts.

Stage 3: Add Horizontal Trellising

The level trellising will have the task of supporting the upper branches of the plant, so utilize wire fencing or substantial vinyl-covered wire caging with four to six-inch square openings as these will be sufficiently solid to help the heaviness of the flowering plant. Cut your picked wire material into a couple of square pieces sufficiently vast to contact the T-posts. Simply over the tomato confine, hang the main square of confining on a level plane by binds the corners to the T-posts with wire or a solid planting twine. It is critical that the level trellising be as secure as conceivable to guarantee legitimate help of the upper branches. For improved support, introduce an auxiliary flat trellis around a couple of feet over the first. Each area of the horizontal trellising ought to be set up before the developing branches get to it. This will enable them to effortlessly grow into the caging’s openings.

Stages 4 and 5: Creating the Outer Caging

The outer caging is there to help bolster the outward, lateral developing branches. Utilize a similar wire fencing or substantial vinyl-covered wire confining that was utilized to make the horizontal trellising. Cut the caging material so each piece fits in the spaces between the T-posts, shaping a square box. The outer caging ought to be installed around a couple of feet over the highest point of the container—to enable simple access for consistent maintenance, for example, watering or pruning—and get to the top of the T-posts. Secure the outer caging firmly to the T-posts in a few distinct spots. Much like the horizontal trellising, the external part of the supportive framework ought to be set up before the branches achieve this point so they can without much of a stretch grow into the caging’s openings. A great deal of diligent work and arrangement goes into the development of an effective cannabis plant. The most ideal approach to avoid disappointment is by finding a way to anticipate undesirable events in the garden. A plant falling over from a solid whirlwind, or branches parting from the sheer weight of aging flowers is an unsettling approach to lose a segment (or all) of a plant, particularly since this sort of disappointment can be effortlessly averted. Utilizing this basic strategy for plant and container stabilization will help guarantee that your plants will remain upright all through the season and give you one less thing to stress over.

CBD Extraction Machines and Technologies: A Few Examples

        Extracting CBD from cannabis can be done through different methods. You can do it even at home. For the optimal outcomes, however, it is best done in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Whether it is using alcohol or carbon dioxide, among others, CBD extraction requires the need to use the right machines and technologies, including CBD Oil for Dogs on Amazon will be briefly mentioned in the rest of this post. While the process of extracting CBD Medical and CBD Epilepsy from the source plant can be done using basic tools at home, in the lab, the procedure is more advanced.You may want to see:

  • How to make dabs: 3 simple ways to make dabs at home?.
  • Dry Ice Hash: How To Make Dry Ice Hash from Buds/Trim.

Low-Pressure Isolation

This is a process that is also known as hydrofluorocarbon extraction. CBD Balm and CBD Massage are preferred by many commercial growers because of greater yield and refinement, providing an assurance of purity of the oil that will be sourced from the plant. At CBD Gummies most basic, LPI is an extraction process wherein the plant is subjected to low temperature and low pressure. It is non-flammable and non-toxic, which also makes it great when we talk about safety. It is believed to be a better alternative to butane extraction. This is basically because the use of butane will put the environment at a risk of explosion. Meanwhile, it is also believed to be better compared to carbon dioxide extraction. The main benefit of LPI over the latter is the higher yield it can generate. Lastly, the oil that is extracted from the source plant is purer and clearer compared to what can be produced when alcohol-based solvents are used.

Thermal Extraction

This is another innovative way of extracting CBD Arthritis and CBD Migraines. At its most basic, this is a process that makes use of heated air and condensation. The THC will be vaporized, and consequently, the CBD can be extracted. Once the THC is gone, the only material left in the plant would be the fine CBD extracts that no longer contain any psychoactive component.

Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction

It is believed by many to be the gentlest approach in the extraction of CBD, which also makes it one of the most popular approaches to date. The oil that is produced through this method is known for its superior quality in terms of cleanliness and purity. Because of this, there is no more need for post-processing. One of the most crucial parts of this extraction technology is a technical process that is known as winterization. More often than not, this method is too efficient that it strips off almost everything from the source, including pigments and waxes. To perform winterization, the sludge will be dissolved using a supercritical carbon dioxide equipment. An ethanol will be used. After which, it is chilled and filtered. With such, this process is essentially a combination of alcohol and carbon dioxide extraction methods.

Multi-Solvent Extraction

Precision Extraction Solutions, a company that is known for producing state-of-the-art extraction machines, developed a product known as the X10 MSE extraction system. The company created a special machine that uses either hydrocarbon or ethanol solvents. At the size of the machine, it is capable of processing as much as ten pounds of material per run. They also have a bigger version, known as the X40, which can process 40 pounds of material in one run. The multi-solvent extractors developed by Precision can be compatible with ethanol, pentane, propane, or butane. It has a vessel temperature control system, which has a pending patent. The machine is also known for its use of premium steel for a durable construction. In sum, the extraction methods used in commercial operations are much more complicated than those used at homes. They are also larger in terms of scale and usually yield purer and cleaner oil from the source.

Multiple Sclerosis

Can Cannabis Help With Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a condition that affects your brain and spinal cord. When you have MS, your immune system attacks your protective sheath called myelin. This is the sheath that covers nerve fibers. When this happens, communication problem will occur between your brain and the rest of your body. As time pass by, Multiple Sclerosis causes permanent damage to your nerves.

Did you know that MS affects women mostly than men? And, it is also hereditary which means, if one of your parents has had MS, you are at higher risk of having it too. The first signs of MS often start a year earlier too. Once you are diagnosed with MS, it stays with you for life. However, following Multiple Sclerosis treatment guidelines with the help of specialists can help you to manage the condition.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

When you have MS, your immune system, whose main duty is to fight infections, attacks myelin instead, mistaking it for a foreign body. This will cause damage to myelin and strips it off the nerve fibers which disrupts messages from traveling through your body. What are the Multiple Sclerosis symptoms? These symptoms affect movement such as:

  • Numbness in one or more limbs that occurs on one side of the body only or numbness on the legs and trunk
  • Tremor, lack of coordination
  • Electric shock sensations that happens when you move your neck, especially when you bend your neck forward
  • Vision problems such as partial or complete loss of vision, blurry vision or extended double vision
  • You also experienced slurred speech, fatigue and dizziness
  • Tingling in some parts of your body

Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis

There is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis; that is the sad part. However, there are available treatments that can help slow down the progression of the illness and speeds up the patient’s recovery from the attacks.

There are many treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis, both taken orally and through infusion. Another treatment that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) supports is the use of medical marijuana or cannabis in treating the symptoms of MS.  Some says that if you used the best terpenes for Multiple Sclerosis, its symptoms will drastically lower down. Marijuana contains cannabinoid, a chemical compound which improves the body’s stability and health. Our body produces its own cannabinoids called endocannabinoids; studies conducted shown that endocannabinoids react well with cannabinoids present in Marijuana and may help muscle control.

With constant research done about the benefits of medical marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis showing positive results, especially that it is now legal in many part of the United States, many people decide to grow their own cannabis. The good thing about growing your own cannabis is that it is more cost effective, even after your factor out all the costs in growing it, compared to buying it in the market. It is like hitting two birds in one stone, you have your own best strains for Multiple Sclerosis and at the same time, you get to save several bucks with your medication.

If you are new to medical marijuana growing, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will guide you with every step of you Cannabis growing process.

So, how should we use Cannabis then? Let’s face it, Cannabis has a huge potential to treat as many illnesses. But we are too afraid to get dose of our own actions that is why we remain hesitant towards it. The Do’s and Don’ts below will help us reduce the health risks when using Cannabis.

The Don’ts:

#1 Don’t use Cannabis if you have a history of substance abuse

Individuals with history of substance abuse have lower toxicity level and higher risks of experiencing the side effects compared to people who have not tried using any substance before. As much as possible, refrain from using Cannabis specifically THC since it is the most psychoactive component of marijuana.

#2 Don’t use synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic Cannabis is very dangerous yet it gets increasingly popular in some areas of United States nowadays. Most of the synthetic Cannabis are manufactured outside the country and contains substances that might have not been medically approved; which could poison or harm your health.

#3 Don’t take alcohol and Cannabis together

Alcohol alone can give you the high. If mixed with Cannabis, the effect will be enhanced. The toxicity of both substances will stay longer in the body. Aside from that, your organs will also work double time as an effect of the substances — heart beating extra fast, liver functioning more than the usual; which can result to damage to these organs.

#4 Don’t drive or operate any machine while being high

The toxicity of Cannabis will stay in our system for as long as 6 hours depending on the dosage we take. Remember, toxicity brought by Cannabis slows down your reflexes and other senses.

The Do’s:

#1 Do use the right balance of Cannabis

You know that THC causes you the high while CBD has zero psychoactive effects. To minimize the risks, opt for a low-THC substance or better yet, go for a combination of both components.

#2 Do choose edible Cannabis than smoking it

Smoking Cannabis exposed you to higher risks of respiratory illnesses especially when you practice risky inhalation process. If you can’t prevent smoking it, then better use bong or any smoking device to filter your weed.

#3 Do clean your equipment

In whatever you do, always practice proper hygiene. Don’t forget to clean up your equipment before and after using Cannabis. Aside from the bad taste dirty equipment gives to your marijuana, there are also contaminants that might put your healthy at more risks.

#4 Use Cannabis in moderation

If possible, delay using it to keep yourself from its possible health risks; specifically, before adulthood. Aside from that, individuals who started using Cannabis for recreational purposes at an early age also developed addiction to the substance earlier.


Can You Use Cannabis To Treat Anorexia?

Cannabis is a psychoactive drug from Cannabis plant such as Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Its most popular term is Marijuana, but it is also known from other parts of the world as Ganja, grass, Hashish, Hemp, Indian hemp, marijuana, Pot, reefer, and weed. The major psychoactive component found in Cannabis is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also the cause of the plants toxicity.

However, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) doesn’t naturally occur in the plant, it can only be converted from Tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) through oxygen exposure such as burning or heating. Thus, the feeling of getting “high” when smoking or vaporizing Cannabis.

Despite the undesirable side effects of THC, many researches are still done to determine the health benefits of medical marijuana. Especially now that many states in America have passed laws, in state level, to regulate the use of medical marijuana. Among other potential medical uses of Cannabis, it is also believed to promote eating disorder recovery such as anorexia.

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia or anorexia nervosa is a form of eating disorder wherein the person has the obsession of losing weight which may result to the person’s self-starvation. Aside from the physical effects caused by anorexia, it is also considered as a mental illness because of the unhealthy obsession of the person to lose weight or the extreme fear of gaining weight.

The symptoms of anorexia are hard to notice since not all people with anorexia are really thin.  But the following signs may be seen in individuals with anorexia.

Physical Symptoms:

  1. Extreme weight loss
  2. Abnormal blood counts
  3. Fatigue
  4. Dizziness
  5. Insomnia
  6. Low blood pressure
  7. Irregular heartbeat
  8. Intolerance of cold
  9. Dehydration
  10. Thinning of hair and bluish discoloration of the fingers

Behavioral Symptoms:

  1. Obsessive fasting
  2. Self-induced vomiting or unhealthy use of laxatives and other diet products to get rid of the food eaten.
  3. Frequent skipping meals
  4. Extreme fear of gaining weight
  5. Always complaining of getting fat
  6. Irritability
  7. Unsociability

How Cannabis May Possibly Treat Anorexia?

Sadly, there are not many medications to treat anorexia. However, in states where the use of medical marijuana is legalized, the use of Cannabis in the form of CBD oil is one of the widely used traditional options to combat anorexia.

Cannabis is known to be an appetite stimulant, which makes it a very good choice to restore the suppressed appetite of individuals with anorexia. While THC is more effective in managing the symptoms of anorexia, it may also cause toxicity which may lead to an undesirable effect. But, since CBD oil does not cause any “high”, this makes it the best option in treating anorexia.

Unfortunately, CBD oil can be really expensive especially when bought from the black market. Luckily, people living in states where Cannabis is legal, you can now start growing your own Cannabis to treat anorexia and other illnesses.

You can Google search how to grow Cannabis at your own backyard. Or contact us for a thorough guide on how beginners can grow their own Cannabis.

Stroke And Head Trauma

Cannabis Treatment for Stroke And Head Trauma

Did you hit your head hard on something? You might be worried that it can cause damage to your brain. A person’s brain is protected with its skull but it doesn’t mean that your brain is invisible to damages. Too much impact on your head can cause brain damage. Commonly known as head trauma, the leading causes of it include:

  • Motor vehicle related injuries
  • Assaults
  • Falls

When a head trauma happens, there may be bleeding in the brain that can irritate the brain’s tissue. This bleeding also decreases the blood flow to the brain because there is a blood leakage due to the torn blood vessel. Your brain may experience swelling, putting too much pressure on it. This brain bruises may take time to heal.

When you have head trauma, does this mean you can experience stroke? Stroke and head trauma has always been associated with each other. Head trauma can increase your chance of getting a stroke. There are two types of strokes associated with head trauma. These are:

  • Hemorrhagic stroke
  • Ischemic stroke

Experiencing these strokes is due to your brain’s excessive bleeding and clotting problems. This is because after a head trauma, your body has increase chance of forming blood clots. The changes in blood clotting after a head trauma are irregular and unpredictable increasing your chance of having either hemorrhagic stroke or ischemic stroke.

Mild head trauma usually no longer need medications aside proper rest and a few pain relievers. However, if you have traumatic brain injury caused by stroke and you experience persistent headache that worsens after some time, then you need to be checked by your doctor thoroughly.

Treating TBI includes prescription medications and even surgery. However, a new medication has becoming popular today which involves CBD treatment for TBI. So, does CBD oil help with concussions caused by head trauma? There is still no direct evidence to prove this claim. However, people living in parts of United States where Cannabis growing is legal uses CBD oil for anoxic brain injury.

Many prefer to use medical marijuana in treating TBI since Cannabis is way cheaper compared to other treatments used for stroke and head trauma. You just need to have your backyard cleaned or a space enough for your Cannabis to grow and a good Cannabis growing equipment. Beginners in Cannabis growing can check out the internet for guides on how to plant medical marijuana properly or you can contact us for a FREE assistance on how to grow your own Cannabis. We can also help you select great Cannabis processing equipment to make your own CBD oil.

Neuralgia – Grow Your Own Cannabis

Does CBD Oil Heal Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Trigeminal Neuralgia or “tic douloureux” is a chronic pain disorder that affects your trigeminal or 5th cranial nerve connecting to your face. It affects about 14,000 Americans. People with Trigeminal Neuralgia often describe the pain as sudden, sharp, shooting, and sever pain like the muscles in your face had an electric shock. The pain can last from a couple of seconds to a few minutes. Some individuals experience episodes for days and even months at a time; while others may experience a hundred of episodes a day especially on sever cases.

Causes and Symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia is very hard with all the sudden pain you will feel on your face. The cause of this chronic condition varies depending on the illness associated with it. Trigeminal Neuralgia is primarily caused by blood vessels pressing on the root of your trigeminal nerve. Other causes include:

  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  2. A tumor pressing against the trigeminal nerve
  3. Damage on the nerve
  4. Genetics

An individual with Trigeminal Neuralgia may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Recurring facial pain that may last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes
  2. Sudden facial pain triggered by touching the face, chewing, speaking, and other actions that usually not painful
  3. Tremors that may last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes
  4. Muscle pain where trigeminal nerve is connected
  5. Sudden pain on one side of the face
  6. Pain episodes that gets frequent over time
  7. Numbness on the facial muscle before the pain

How to take CBD oil for Trigeminal Neuralgia

While some people use coconut oil for Trigeminal Neuralgia, there are also many individuals who opt to CBD oil and CBD patch for Trigeminal Neuralgia. Cannabis is widely known to possess analgesic and sedating properties; which make it a very good option in treating the symptoms of Trigeminal Neuralgia. CBD oil
Cannabidiol or CBD oil is an extract from hemp plant which may be capable of suppressing further damage on the trigeminal nerve; and eventually minimizes the occurrence of Trigeminal Neuralgia symptoms. CBD oil is also believed to react positively with the Endocannabinoid receptors in our brain. When these receptors are activated, it will then strengthen its immunity functions to restore the body’s equilibrium. Thus, treating and managing illnesses.Many have shown positive response with the use of Cannabis in the treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia especially now that more and more states in America have legalized the use of medical marijuana. Despite the risks the comes with the use of Cannabis, it is still considered a better option compared to many synthetic medicines you could buy in the market. Cannabis is a natural remedy, and as long as you will take it in moderation and in minimal doses, you will not need to worry on its harmful effects.

Grow Cannabis in your home

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